So Far…

Been a great show weekend so far… Yesterday C-Me (CH Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri SC) finished her Grand Championship... Today... not to be out done, her daugher at just under 11 months was winners bitch for a 4pt major at the Basenjis Club of Northern California Specialty, Mom, C-Me was Best of Opposite, Franie, DC AB Life In The Fast Lane, SC was Select Bitch and also Select Bitch at the Del Valle Dog Club show... she (Franie) needs 2pts for her Grand Championship... It was a very, very nice day

Congrats, Pat! Sounds like a great Girls' Weekend Out. C-Me's baby (Carly?) is doing very well!


Jolanda and Kaiser

She is! I am very proud of her (Carly, C-Me's baby). C-Me finished off the weekend with Select Bitch, Trip (GCH AB Day Trip To Tanza-Jamaa,SC was Best of Opposite Sex, Carly won her class but then proceeded to act like a total puppy…. 🙂

Congrats on all the puppies excellent weekend adventure

Congratulations 🙂

Whoo hoo! That's an exciting weekend for sure!

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