• Benny is my best friend. He is very loyal and loving. I recently went thru having a shoulder injury and stepped down to parttime at work. Needing fulltime, worrying about my condition and workmans comp, Benny has showed me worrying is not what life is about. Life is about living and catching squirels!! He loves to run and chase his squeeky pig toy and peek out the window with his paws on the windowsill. He never leaves my side when I'm inside the apt. I wonder if anyone else loves his/her basenji as much as I do and knows how loyal these dogs can be.

  • We all love our Basenjis that much…ggg!!! And yes, they do teach us what is really important... cause they ask for nothing more then love... Way to go Benny!

  • Well, his name says it all!!!
    My 10.5 y.o. BENNY is the love of my life…
    most deflinitely my everything dog...
    I couldn't imagine life without him
    and don't look forward to the day he leaves us.

    I am sure your Benny will pull you (not literally though!)
    through these times!

    Best of luck and belly rubs to your Benny from my Benny!!!

  • So nice to read how much you appreciate your Benny. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Lucky for you both to have and spend extra time together. Enjoy the time off until you're back to 100%

  • Our breeder told us (11yrs. ago) we could never really appreciate a Basenji until we lived with one. That being said, I believe it should also be added that you'll never really live, until you live with a Basenji. You and Benny are lucky to have eachother, cherrish each day together and together you'll get thru it. 😃

  • Basenji = 100% Love thats all I have to say.
    They just love to cuddle and give little kisses all the time and they look at you with there little wrinkle face…whats not to love!

  • I would take a bullet for my dogs…do you get how much I adore them?? 😃 😃

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