Benny and Willow Pics

Benny and Willow after a good race!

Conked out and ready for some serious ZZZZZZZZZs. Looks like they are enjoying their rewarding naps.

ROFLMAO, can you please take Cara with them! Those are 2 tired pups!

Looks like Benny and Willow had their workouts.

Yes they did. I have a circular floor plan in my house so they are able to go around the race track continously. Benny enjoys using the back of the couch as a turn around to go back the other way.

First Basenji's

ADORABLE picture! Thanks for sharing!

Cute picture


How cute, they both look like two wet rags…draped over the sofa like that..

A sleeply Basenji is the most wonderful kind!

Wonderful picture - how typically Basenji the way they can 'zonk' in seconds!

How adorable! If Willow is the b on the right… I'd swear that's a smile! 🙂

That's Benny on the right. I believe he probably is smiling. That picture was taken his second day here and I think he is happy.

He certainly is a beautiful boy! Yes, I think he looks happy too. 🙂

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