Benny and Willow Update

Benny has been in his forever home for about two months now and is adjusting very well as are we. He has severe seperation anxiety and will cry and pace the back of the couch when my wife or I go out the door. The pictures show that he has decided where he likes to sleep best. He does like to play with his buddy willow.


Lovely pictures..glad Benny is adjusting and enjoying his newfound friend and brother.

This is what any of us could ever ask for - a re-homed puppy finding a wonderful forever home. So glad he is blending in well with your family.

very nice pics, the lady in the pic looks so happy and so does the dog. nice of u to take the dog in.

Okay couldn't tell, but is the black creature on the couch a Chow Chow?

I am so happy your pup is settling in. Absolutely looks like Benny knows he is HOME.

Thank you,

The black "creature" as you say, is a Schipperkee. He is a 12 yr old that we recscued and adopted when he was 3 months old.

We have been working Schipperkee rescue and fostering for 12 years. We also help rescue and work with Great Danes.

Of course Willow is a 41/2 yr old B mix that is also an adopted rescue.

Not too long before Benny came to us we placed our last Great Dane on a farm in northern Indiana. He is doing very well there.

Willow raised him from a puppy. She is doing a good job teaching benny manners also.

Very cute, I love great Danes, just lost my Chelo, last April, he was almost ten years old!!


Great pictures…the one with Dane on the table rocks..

Glad to hear Benny is doing well

Thank you for letting us have the update. They look a contented bunch.

If you paste the above into your browser this will take you to a local TV station video where Benny and Willow are on TV.

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