• I know I have been away very often but I really want to keep you updated about our little girl Enya 😃

    Watch and Smile!


    Chaffie into the sun

    Go away with the camera!


    Ga awaaaay

    At the forest a week ago, with snow

    There is a Basenji pup between them… 😃

    Very sweet old pitbull

    What are you?!

    Buana the impresser

    And then playing!



    Same forest, one week later!, SUN

    My sweeties

    She is preparing an ambush for Chaffie

    But she is running to early


    Always running

    Enya loves to run too!


  • First Basenji's

    The More I see Pictures of the Basenji's I can not wait for my little girl to come home

  • I always love to look at your photos. They show such a story. Little Enya sure is growing up. They all get along so well, especially with other dogs they come into contact with.

  • Enya is a beautiful girl - the face-on picture is really beautiful - she has such an innocent look in her eyes - but we all know there's much more mischief than innocence in our girls!

  • Enya is turning into such a little lady 🙂

    I adore the picture of Chaffie worshiping the sun. You really take great pictures of your gang.

  • Thank you so much, Enya is sure growing so fast!
    She really isn't that cute puppie she was before… she is now an elegant lady that wants to be seen and hug by everyone she meets 😃

  • The pack looks complete now with the beautiful Enya.

  • Wonderful photos, as usual! And Enya is quite a young lady now. Love Ryan's little yellow boots. All the dogs look very happy, you give your kids a great life.

  • Love the pictures, question for you though, looking to get Oakley a hurtta harness, I see you use both the regular harness an I see Enya has a Y harness… Which do you prefer and what do you find the difference is? I currently use a martingale for Oakley but it hasn't curbed his "head down" "cart pulling" as I describe it... Your advice is appreciated

  • Oakley is 15 months and I use a martingale collar but no matter howuch training he still seems to "cart pull" as I call it, his head goes down and he digs in to pull, I'm looking into getting a hurtta harness but don't know which is better for pulling- the Y harness or the regular one I see Chaffie wearing

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