• Hi all,.

    just thought id update some photos of Hope 🙂 she'll be 1 on the 30th of may.. she is a garbage guts and she is a little fat so we've cut back on foods.

    the other half has decided what he wants (puppywise) and originally he wanted a whippet but we had been holding off as we werent sure if we wanted something smaller. Well we have found something perfect: italian greyhound. Hope had a run around with a few down the park on sunday and they are right up her alley and the other half loves them of course as they are from the greyhound family.

    will keep you all posted 🙂

    (we have found a breeder with a litter that we are happy with ;))

    p.s. hope does wear a collar 24/7 which you can see where it is even when shes not wearing it lol

  • Houston

    So happy to hear that you are all doing well.
    Hope looks darling.
    An iggy would be so much fun for her to play and snuggle with….having a four legged friend is awesome fun.

  • I love Iggies, just don't love all the broken leg stories breeder friends have shared.

    Hope is absolutely lovely!

  • First Basenji's

    I really like Iggies as well – at least the taller ones that I have met! Been seeing quite a few of them at the dog parks lately. My partner has only had a chance to meet one tiny, spindly little girl. She was less than 7 pounds, and when the Iggy's owner told him she typically used a litter box, my partner was so horrified by the idea that he shot my breed proposal down. laugh

    Strangely enough though, my Basenji does not like Iggies for some reason. They have pokey noses which they thrust most unceremoniously into her behind, perhaps a little more insistently than other breeds. This may be just the ones we've met, though. 🙂

    Sweet photos of Hope!

  • She looks lovely!

    I really like Italian Greyhounds, but I would be worried that they would get broken around here with 2 boys, a labradoodle, and a basenji.

  • Thank you for the new photos of Hope, she is s beautiful girl.

  • Happy Birthday to you, Hope! Make sure your owners give you some special treats on your birthday, because calories don't count on birthdays! 🙂

  • Hope is beautiful! Happy birthday to her! Hope she gets lots of b'day treats. Don't be upset if she eats well, a little weight is good for "reserves" in case anything ever goes wrong. My Shaye eats just about enough to keep herself alive and it has always bothered me. She goes for yearlies on 4/4 and I'm going to ask my vet if there's something I can do to tempt her eat more!

  • she went from being a fussy puppy to being a puppy that just wants and loves food. if you have food she will do any trick you ask her with 110% enthusiasam if it means shes gettin food lol but i am glad shes not a fussy girl!

    We are waiting to hear back from the breeder to see what pups are reserved and which arent. Very excited.

    Hope gets to play with a chinese crested at work and she also plays with another two iggies down at the small breed social i run every fortnight, she seems to know that she has to be careful with the smaller dogs 🙂 shes not much into wrestling with others, more or less just wants to run run run! i will have to upload a video of her and yoshi (the chinese crested) playing at work (the most ive seen her play! as usually its just tag, now chase me!) and will post the link here. So funny and cute.

    will post iggie baby photos once a decision's made 🙂

    EDIT: Video link to them playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDTjuz_tNpM

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