• January is a slow time of year in the midwest, as normally we are in the midst of ice and snow. This year has been the exception with many days getting up into the mid 60s. I am not complaining. We managed to take the basenjis down to McKinney Texas mid month for the girls first attempt at Lure Coursing. They both took to it quite well, with Tempest earning both her majors. The next weekend I showed Gambit and Whippet Annie at a small show close to home. Gambit took BOS for another GCH point and Annie went WB/BOW for another single. February is also a slow month with only the Indianapolis shows and one day of racing, weather willing. Enjoying the time at home training the girls for the summer rally trials, they both enjoy it a lot, especially the cheese treats for doing well.

  • Sounds like a great start to a new year!

  • Sounds as though you had a successful January. I hope it augurs well for the year.

  • Congrats! The weather has been so up and down this winter in the Midwest. Good luck at Indy.


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