• thought i would update some pics on the girls.

    Ebony got desexed. boy was that the longest 10 days i had to keep her "quiet and no jumping or running". what a mission!

    took them down the beach for a bonfire for new years eve. had a gorgeous afternoon down there and a yummy dinner on the fire. the girls enjoyed all the attention (and left over foods or foods that got sand on it he he).

    we also got to meet up with Hope & Ebony's breeder down the dog park one afternoon. she brought down Ebonys sister and another B that was from her but she was babysitting him while his owneres were overseas as well as our new basenji friend, Diodji and his owner (who we have nearly daily puppy park plays with). They had a ball. in total there was 5 basenji's in one dog park (this is RARE here).

  • Happy nice pictures!

  • Wow you guys have a gorgeous dog park there. The dogs look very happy.

  • Looks like all had a great time!

  • great to have an update on your girls.
    Lovely pictures of all the Basenjis together

  • They look to be having a lovely life - thanks for updating with photos! I really like the last one of them at the beach. 🙂

  • Really nice to see them together. Thank you for posting.

  • Such pretty girls 🙂

  • I love the pictures at the dog park, especially the one with all the smiling Basenjis.

  • Your girls look very happy! How nice to have basenji play-mates at the dog park, they all seem to get along wonderfully. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • we love our dog parks! they are all nice and fun. thankfully we usually have level headed people go that own lovely dogs. the girls love going to the parks.

    thank you for the comments. i love my girlies so much 🙂 theres nuver a dull moment lol

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