• Hello 🙂

    I havent posted an update on my two on here in a few months (im sure a lot of you have seen them on FB), but thought i would stop by and share some photos. Not much happening in the show ring at the moment, we're having our annual time off where the dogs all have a month or so completely out of the show ring. Its giving me plenty of time to play with Ava the foal anyway!!

    Maya is a fat little piggie at the moment so will have to get her into shape before the summer shows!! Not sure she would be so enthusiastic about that idea…


    This is the end of the day on the Discover Dogs stand at Crufts where the girls had a lovely day meeting and greeting many, many Crufts visitors whilst representing the breed on the Basenji Stand

    And Alice, she is still a deliquent child…

    A recent show-y one but waaaayyyyy overstretched!


  • Great pics! When I was insuring Leki yesterday, the lady from Petplan was giving me her details in case of queries and was a bit put off when I said in delight "Maya? Ooh, I know a Basenji called Maya!"

  • LOL was Maya out of the blue or you mean it was the lady's name too?

    Lovely pictures. What kind of bird is that in the yard, it looks HUGE.

  • It was the lady's name, and I don't she was too impressed…

  • @QuizBasenji:

    It was the lady's name, and I don't she was too impressed…

    She should have been honored - wouldn't it be lovely if ladies could get away with the superior attitude female B's flaunt!

  • LOLOL, Many years ago when science fiction cons were small and intimate, I went to one where Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar from Star Trek Next Generation, and granddaughter of Bing Crosby) was. During her talk she said people would come up to her and say they named their dog after her and she often didn't know whether to be insulted or honored. So afterwards in the coffee and chat room I went up to her and said "I named my dog after Tasha" and pulled out a picture of my Rottweiler. Her face lit up and she said THAT'S a dog she wanted named for her.

  • thanks for the update - such beautiful trying girls

  • Lovely pictures, Jess

  • She kind of looks like Mia (4months old)

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