• @kdonkers: I've taken so many pictures already! And even videos. 🙂 Sometimes I just can't help but take pictures of her since she's so pretty. :3 I'm glad you like her name, it was hard to find the perfect one. ;P

    @mustBcrazy: I don't even remember what life was like before her. ^___^

    @vickayx: I'm not usually in Northern NJ, but if you're ever in CT, puppy play date. 😃

  • @Ballinduh:

    Thank you guys!
    Everyone always stops me to tell me how beautiful she is, and she's so well behaved! ^___^

    Of course she is beautiful - aren't they all? she looks a lot like mine - but "well behaved?!?" You have a real gem there!

  • I was just thinking the same thing Shaye's Mom!

  • she's just adorable. hopefully the 'well-behaved' will last.

  • Who did you get your girl from? Some of us may have related dogs!


  • She looks amazing. Our new girl is just over 5 months old now, but not even close to being well behaved 🙂

    In fact, she is corrupting the 8 year old into naughtiness.

  • Yep, she is beautiful, no doubt about it. I realize that it is simply my opinion but the B's that have the solid one color face and head are the most striking looking. Our Mr Baroo is a solid red head and his momma says he is the most beautiful of our 3, but then again she is totally biased as he looks to her for everything. She loves knitting but Mr B simply has to sit on her lap when ever she knits, lol, try doing that for a while.

  • First Basenji's

    I must admit, her totally 'red' face is gorgeous! It is different,(there are variants, but with no white it seems different) and very beautiful! A gem indeed!!:) Many happy years! Love her daily!

  • @dcmclcm4:

    Who did you get your girl from? Some of us may have related dogs!


    I answered in my intro thread. She's from a backyard breeder, although I didn't realize at the time before I purchased her. I can say that her breeder was very nice and answered all my questions. When I asked about Fanconi, she sent me the documents of dam and sire showing that they are Fanconi free. We still keep in touch, and I send her pics often.

    Here is another pic of her, LOVE her face. 😃


  • Very pretty girl you have there.

    Sent from up range, at about 3100 fps

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