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Our Rosco used to LOVE green beans. It was so funny to hear him crunching away on raw ones. He would always take the beans into a separate room to eat them.
I actually have a video of feeding him a few.. the audio is delayed.

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I'm so sorry that sweet Simeon has passed.. our Rosco died a few months ago as well. It does get easier with time. Something that helped my family through this was looking at pictures of him. We framed some collages and put them around the house. Maybe your parents would like a tribute like that..

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Our basenji lived for 13 years. His brother and sister (who were born at the same time as him) died a couple of years earlier, but I'm not sure the exact number of years. He really didn't start acting "old" until the very last year.

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Awww I just want to pet her (but she'd probably bite me!)

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You can check out my pics of Rosco. šŸ™‚ I miss him every day, but he's in a better place. I imprinted his paws in cement before he died, and we're going to make a garden step with it to cover where we bury his ashes, now that it's warm out!
Your pictures are SO cute! I love the one titled "Ditto Stretch." I miss those basenji stretches!

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My boy Rosco (who died in January) never liked to sleep with us or snuggle. He was a loner.. not cuddly at all. He never yodeled, either. He stopped chewing everything up for several years before he died, so that was nice. Other than that, typical basenji!

Here's a GREAT site with basenji quirks:

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