• My Sahara is almost 13, she is my sweetheart. I have had other dogs but this is my first Basenji, I would like more but my husband says no. He wants his next dog to be able to let it run in the woods. We all know that is impossible with a Basenji, especially when you have wild animals on the property like deer, and turkeys.

  • Honestly, I would never let any dog just run loose.... without supervision.

  • She looks like a sweet girl. Thank you for your persistance on getting a picture to us!

  • @basenjilover60 said in My Baby Girl, Sahara:

    We all know that is impos

    I let my two Basenjis run free in the woods ! I did it when I had three and when I had six and even when I had eight Basenjis. With the laws of nature, my pack is now depleted and at my age I am not about to increase it again.

    I have always let my Basenjis run free in the woods. I drive them to the forest, park and open the crate they ride in - out they jump and after the hour or so around all the forest paths, a different direction each day, they are waiting for me at the car and jump back in.

    Yes, I take leads with me 'in case' and on weekends I do hitch them about 200 yards from the car. NOT because I don't trust them but because I don't trust Sunday 'occasional' visitors to the woods.

    They speed around the car-park.

    We meet many other people walking their dogs - every breed under the sun. Mine meet, greet, and pass by - without any hassle.

    People who meet us for the first time often ask about them, what Breed are they, how friendly !

    Don't believe it is impossible - I have been doing it since 1982 ! And I am happy to welcome anyone who'd like to walk with us.

  • PS. Squirrels are frustrating - they climb trees, the Basenjis don't.

    Deer ! FUNEEEE ! One jumped over Keeper on the path one day and he was off after it like a shot from a gun. The other two, Trouble was still alive at the time, were slower off the mark.

    I just hung around and eventually a lady with 5 Pointers told me she had seen Keeper, quite a way off !

    He came back to where he had left us.

    Hoover put up a deer quite close to the car park a couple of weeks ago. I know the Bs will never catch up with them and will give up the chase -

    I love to watch them at speed and running free.

  • I have to find a spot where there are no sheep around, as farmers are able to shoot (wild) dogs running with intentions on the sheep. Anything that runs is fair game. Mine love the free running. Find a football/cricket ground, or even tennis courts, to let them have a free run. As Sally Zande says, let em run. If there are two of you, drop one person off, and drive further into the woods or whatever, then let them out. It is fascinating to see where they go. And see who is the first to come back or to the other person.

    They will come back...you just have to wait.

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