Getting your b out of bed in the morning

  • Oakley will poke me, incessantly disturb the covers….run from room to room, scratch his food bin...anything he can to make sure that if I'm not UP, that I'm miserable enough to get up...weekends I feel he will do this less...and if I feed and go back to bed then he will just come to bed after he's done..

  • Mine don't get up until they hear me getting their breakfast–then the puppy runs into the bedroom and harrasses Ben until he gets up. The snoring isn't uncommon, but I've noticed it's often caused by bulky collars and tags.partially blocking the dog's airway, especially with puppies.

  • My B never tells me it's time to get up, but we have a routine. He sleeps on the bed under his very own blankie, the alarm goes off, I get up, shower, clothe, then go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. That is his clue, when I brush my teeth, he knows its time to get up. If he doesn't, I go find him. It is kinda like waking a teenager for school. Fortunately, that is an infrequent occurrance, but I have to pull 'his' blankie away and kindof prompt him to get his butt up. As earlier noted, it is the cold. All this goes out the window when it is warm, sometimes.

    It is all part of my pleasure of owning a dog that is not in any way typical. I love that he "purrs", tell that to your friends!

  • @YodelMa:

    The snoring isn't uncommon, but I've noticed it's often caused by bulky collars and tags.partially blocking the dog's airway, especially with puppies.

    I don't think snoring is unusual. All of mine have done it at one time or another, although it isn't a constant feature. With a snoring husband as well, it's like stereo! Now, yipping, crying, and howling are another thing! I've had all that on occasion too, when they dream. (legs usually go at the same time, and if you have enough light you can see the rapid eye movement under their lids)

    None of mine wear collars to bed. (they don't wear them inside, either. Only to go out.)

  • Debra, had an older rescue, Pixie, who got up at 5:30 a.m. every morning. It did not matter if it was summer or winter! She was the only B I have had that got up at the same time every day! We would have to get up to take her out and the other dogs would still be sleeping away.


  • Samantha, and the other dogs, sleep in the dining room where the dog door is. We have it gated off so they can't roam the house. They each have a crate and there is one large dog bed they can choose from. I don't know exact times they wake but usually when I come downstairs (around 9am) they are outside sun bathing. On weekends when my husband gets up before me and lets them roam the house she will come upstairs and let me know that I have had enough sleep by pawing me in the face. During cold weather or rain all the dogs like to stay asleep inside. Oh and Samantha snores when she is in a deep sleep.


  • Hi YodelMa, Come to think of it Kaiser mainly snores in deep sleep and he doesn't wear a collar as it just didn't seem to look comfortable on him and damaged his fur.

  • My daughter says I should put them in the other end of the house in a crate, but they sleep in my bed, Angelica, so there you go… they get up, I get up.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    I think y'all are drugging your dogs. And I am going to go on believing it so I can feel less of a victim. I went to get at 2 am.. dogs up at 8 am. I tried to ignore, but Arwen sat on the other pillow and kept poking me on the forehead. I figure I could kill them, but I'd already be awake to do it, so I just get up.

    Hah, I can relate. Kananga was known (when he was younger) to wake up earlier when I would goto bed late. Same as what you describe, bed at 2am and he's wide awake at 8am with his musical yawns to disturb my sleep. The worst part, as soon as we'd come back inside that morning, he'd go right to sleep after his breakfast. I think to remind me that he's always in control and he has the advantage of sleeping whenever he wants.

  • Jake will sleep until I get up. During the week I get up around eight and on weekends I sometimes sleep until noon. Doesn't make a difference to him.

  • My girls sleep with me all saturday mornings.. my sister use to say, well you wake up until Maca goes and put her feet on your face.. haha
    On working days i wake up and they stay at bed, until they hear the door, or smell breakfast.. well the door works better, the breakfast Laika is the last to run, and we can have breakfast and return to sleep all day.. haha

  • I have to get mine up every morning, because she would sleep right through me getting up. I swear they can hold there bladder like no
    dog I have ever had.

  • The saying around our house is "Jibini is not a morning person". The older he gets, the more he takes advantage of the option to stay under the blankets, and I say he's earned the right to sleep in as much as he wants (hes 12). Chloe and Ellie the non-B's, are "up at the crack of dawn full of energy like they just did six lines of cocaine" dogs and since I work 7 days a week, I'm up with them if not before them…..but generally NOT as chipper or energetic as they are LOL. In summer, Tana is eager to wake up with everyone else, but in winter she's learning that Jibini is smarter than she gives him credit for, lately I've had to bribe BOTH of them with food in order to get them up in the mornings.

    Tana also snores, sometimes fairly loudly....but nothing compared to the way my old Boxer used to snore, good lord she'd give my husband a run for his money.

  • @eeeefarm:

    I gave up getting Basenjis out of bed after my first one. At that time I was living at home with my parents and needed to walk her before I went to work. I would pick her up out of her bed and she would vocalize in a high pitched snarl as I carried her to the kitchen for her breakfast. She used to go back to bed after her walk. I would phone my Mom from work to ask when the dog finally got up! (usually after 9 a.m.)

    All my subsequent Bs have arisen when it suits them, usually 1/2 to 1 hour after I am up (or if they smell food!) 🙂

    Every morning between 5 and 6 the Basenji alarm wakes up. Some days she has a squeaky yawn and then looks surprised when the noise comes out.

  • Everyday between 5 and 6am the Basenji alarm clock named Zoe goes off. Some mornings she has a squeaky yawn and then looks surprised when the noise come out.

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