Long Drive tonight…B Gets Carsick

  • Chance always get carsick anytime I take him somewhere. I even let him sit on my lap thinking it would help…NOPE. Lucky he gave me ample warning time so my boyfriend could pull the car over and let him outside.
    I was told to give him gingerbread cookies before a car ride. Does this work?
    I do not want to give him pills. I would perfer something natural. Tonight I will be driving up to visit my parents and it will be about a 4 hr drive.
    Any suggestions, recepies would be great!

  • There's a product called "Rescue Remedy" that helps with stress. It might help. It worked wonders for my cat when she has to go in her crate and she gets stressed out and once in awhile car sick.

  • I've seen it at the natural food store. I thought it was only for humans. What dosage do you use and how often before the ride?

  • I don't know if this is the case with your boy, but my boy used to get so excited to go on car rides, he always puked. It seemed to help for him to have something on his stomach, so I'd always give him a small-dogs milkbone or two a bit before we left. I also kept a window cracked for fresh air. Then I started taking him along on whatever errands I could. He doesn't need the milkbones anymore (still loves the cracked window though) and is now quite the unvomitous traveler.

    Oh, forgot to add, I've used Rescue Remedy for SA issues (along with a multitude of other helps). Didn't seem to make a difference. Benadryl did, though. He doesn't need that anymore either.

  • Giving him food only makes the situation worse. I've made sure to not feed him before trips but he will still puke even though there isn't much in his tummy.

  • Dang! Then what worked for me ain't gonna work for you.

    Howabout ya exercise the heck out of him before ya go?

  • @gbroxon:

    Dang! Then what worked for me ain't gonna work for you.

    Howabout ya exercise the heck out of him before ya go?


    I think I will have to do that! I'll run em on my rollerblades before we go. 😃

  • Thatta Girl! Run him 'til he begs for mercy! 😃

    Good luck on your drive!

  • I've used Bach flower remedies Rescue Remedy for myself when I get stressed out, but I haven't tried it out on my B. It smells a little like brandy…actually it's made with brandy. They say you can add a few drops to your pet's water. It also comes in a cream version, which can probably be applied to your pet's skin.

  • @gbroxon:

    Thatta Girl! Run him 'til he begs for mercy! 😃

    Good luck on your drive!

    There was an experienced lady at the lure course trials last weekend who said it was not good for puppies to run a long ways. That's why the puppies only got to run up once after the lure and once back. I don't remember why she said puppies shouldn't be run too much–can anyone enlighten me on this?

  • Sorry I didn't get back sooner, for the rescure remedy I gave my 14lbs cat 2 drops, once about every hour before she got on the plane.

    All creatures human/dogs/cats can use the rescue remedy.

  • Remember that a young baby b's bones are still growing… and they are soft (the puppy in general, not the bones)... so a long run can very easily pull muscles or worse.... Up to about 6 months, less is better and just doing a short straight line is best without turns... I don't think it is "run" to much, but chasing a lure is much different then them running and playing.... I only let mine run up and back till about 6 months and then if they seem to have master their "legs"... I let them do about 1/2 the course... and see how they do...

  • The tv show Mythbusters did a segment on motion sickness and ginger pills was one of the items tested. I don't know if gingerbread cookies would have the same effect though.

  • I used Rescue Remedy for my stress, my roommate has a spray she sprays on her dogs butt when he chews it raw to make him stop, I think she's doing it wrong, but whatever, not my dog to worry about

    Bindi has only gotten car sick once, and it was because it was really hot (Florida here) and she had just eaten (bad idea on my part) and wouldn't sit still so she got jerked around a lot

    I find it helps to talk to her, pet her, calm her down, crack the windows or throw on the AC, play soft music (at least Bindi likes soft music) I also gives her treats when she sits and lays down which distracts her
    most of the time she wants to just sit in my lap, but she can't because I am driving

    (P.S. I drive a stick by myself, so keeping her at bay, petting, making her sit, feeding her treats, etc. all while shifting is an ordeal LOL I need to get her a seat belt)

    P.P.S. Peppermint and Ginger are two good natural remedies for an upset stomach, if you can find a way for the dog to ingest them, it should help too


  • Hello All, Update!!!!
    Chance and I returned from our trip out of town. Gbbroxon recommended I try Rescue Remedy. I jetted to our local Whole Foods store and picked up a bottle. I purchased the spray rather than the drops and it worked! Not only does he enjoy the taste, he was calm and relaxed. I was shocked. Im keeping a bottle close by from now on anytime he gets too excited!!!

  • Glad to hear it worked out for you, that stuff is great

  • @Vanessa626:

    …Gbbroxon recommended I try Rescue Remedy...

    Although I'm glad it worked for you, it was not I who recommended it to you. I believe WBL made first mention of it. I did try it with regard to a separation anxiety issue with my boy, but it didn't work for me in that situation.

    Also, I apologize for advising you to "exercise the heck" out of your boy before the drive. I didn't realize he was still quite young. My bad.

    I'm glad all worked out well!

  • I think a nice long walk does help with car anxiety. It allows them the time to "do their thing: and everyone knows an exercised B is a calmer B….the only other article I once read offered advice on giving a small bit of ice cream to settle their belly. Most dogs do not do well with ice cream but they do make ice cream for dogs (Frosty Paws) and you could try that I suppose. Perhaps if the car ride was associated with "good times" it might lessen the anxiety a little. Like any species, if your B really has motion sickeness all you can do is to try and be alert to it and maintain hydration. It's good you are aware and I'm sure you will take care. My best to you and your Chance. M

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