• First Basenji's

    My mother loves to go hiking and asked to come and pick up Dolce and go for a walk while I was at work. I left her all the gear. Collars and tags, leash, seat belt, and ect. I just spoke with my mom and she asked me why my dog is so crazy.. Apparently she went nuts in my moms back seat with her seat belt on, not really a problem with me. My mom also said she was having a difficult time with her while hiking that she was being extremely difficult. My mother came everyday when she was a puppy at the time I had a different job where I wasn't able to come home for lunch. They both bonded so well and you can see how they are connected when mom comes to visit. I don't know why but I've even heard this from my boyfriend who lives with me that when I am not around Dolce is a different dog. She acts craised looking for me and seems to have anxiety even though there are others around all the times. We are the bestest of friends and I miss her too when we are apart but I have no idea how to stop her getting out of control when I am not around. It is difficult to think about a future vacation in August where Dolce can't come and my mom will be taking her to her house. I am just worried that my mom might have a hard time. She understands and knows that Basenji's are NOT like any other dog and they have their quirks but I am trying to figure out is it a Basenji thing? I want to make Dolce comfortable and also my mom that she doesn't feel like this is a chore. I can't even imagine taking Dolce to a boarding facility I just don't trust people especially people who never heard of a Basenji and young kids who are there only to make money, taking care of my dog and being possibly negligent. Maybe I am paranoid but I hope I can ale her sorrow with my absence some how… anyone ever have a similar issue? BTW kongs, treats, toys, and anything you think would occupy a dog do not work for her. She has NOOO care for food or treats its more of... her thinkin, "I like this food/treat but I am gonna take my time and just feel it in my mouth, play with it, take a bite, and save some for later." She is not very motivated or interested in food and toys only go so far.

  • Some Basenjis abhor anything outside their usual routine. The only suggestion I can make is that you get her used to whatever will be routine while you are away now. Ease into it gradually. Perhaps an afternoon at your Mom's, more car rides with Mom, more hikes. Once it becomes "old hat", hopefully she will consider it normal. It will also give your Mom a chance to work out strategies and get used to being the "trainer" without you around. (I say trainer, because anyone working with an animal is teaching it something. Just not always something good!) 🙂

  • What about some trial weekends at your moms where she just stays overnight one night, then two? Work her into it.

  • First Basenji's

    Those are good ideas! I will miss her knowing she isn't far but its for the better!

  • Also, you could go WITH them on hikes/overnights but let your mom do ALL the care and you simply ignore her.

  • First Basenji's

    Very true I could try!

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