For Sale/Waiting List Post Rules: Read First

  • For Sale/Waiting List Post Rules

    In the interest of fairness for all, and since we do not charge at all for advertising, please do not advertise the fact that you have Basenjis for sale or starting a waiting list in another person's thread, your signature or posts outside this category. We need to keep all the forums on topic.

    Members should be aware that Basenji Forums For Sale or Wanted thread is a buyer beware environment; Basenji Forums is not responsible for what happens in transactions initiated through these venues. Moderators are provided to read threads and ensure rules (such as listing format) are enforced; however, their role is not to serve as a mediator in disputes.

    Violation of the Basenji Forums rules or a pattern of negative feedback could result in the suspension of your privilege to buy and sell through this forum or, ultimately, removal from this site.


    1. You may post a thread in the Basenjis For Sale or Wanted when you have Baenjis available for sale.
    2. You may post a thread in the Basenjis For Sale or Wanted when your Basenjis are not born yet and you are starting a waiting list.
    3. We will not allow any brokers, puppy mills, agents, or anyone posting Basenjis for sale if they are not in your possession. You MUST have the Basenji(s) in your possession if you want to post in here unless you have permission in advance.
    4. Spamming is not allowed, you may only post ONE Basenji For Sale/Waiting List thread per litter.
    5. Advertising posts in threads that are not related WILL BE deleted, and a warning given. If it continues to happen, and you avoid our warnings, your account may be suspended or even banned.
    6. You may bump up your thread ONE TIME only. Any posts you make to your own thread that do not answer any questions will be considered a bump.
    7. Replies to other Basenji For Sale/Waiting List threads may not include your contact information.
    8. We do not allow Basenji For Sale/Waiting List posts or solicitations from breeders outside of the United States and Canada.

    Sellers, please use the following formats:


    This format must be followed in EACH For Sale Post. New Basenji for sale threads without the below information WILL BE DELETED.

    You must title your post with your City and State
    Example For Sale: Basenji boy(s) For Sale in Jersey City, NJ/NY/PA

    Your name:
    Your city, state:
    Your phone numbers/email:
    Basenji(s) For Sale:
    Age of Basenji(s):
    Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale:
    Weight of Basenji(s) parents:
    Parents health tests:
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc):
    Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home:
    Do you ship your Basenjis:


    This format must be followed in EACH Waiting List Post. New waiting list threads without the below information WILL BE DELETED.

    You must title your post with your City and State
    Example: Waiting List in Jersey City, NJ/NY/PA

    Your name:
    Your city, state:
    Your phone number: Contact by PM for phone number
    Weight of Basenji(s) parents:
    Parents health tests:
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc):
    Due date for puppies to be born:
    Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home:
    Do you ship your Basenjis:

    Please let us know if you see any posts where these rules are broken. We will take care of it immediately. Your (poster of forsale/wanted ad) post maybe deleted and account may be suspended if you break the rules.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please privately message us.
    Thank you.

  • Hey admin…since all that other info about the dogs for sale is available, how about a space to include the health testing their parents have had?

  • And while I am thinking about the topic 😉 how about a section for rescue basenjis available for adoption?

  • Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for the suggestion, we added Parents Health Tests section. The adoption ads can be posted either in this forum or in the Rescues & New Homes Needed forum, which we already have.

    We are thinking maybe to modify this forum title to Basenjis For Sale, Adoption or Wanted. What do you think?

  • I am not sure, but I would love to hear opinions from others about whether they should be together, or separate. My hunch is together, because it would give the rescue dogs a chance to be seen by people who are interested in buying a dog…some people don't even know there are rescues available when they start looking into the breed.

    I do have to say, that it makes me a little uncomfortable to have for sale basenjis listed here with no qualifications regarding the integrity of the seller/breeder; mainly because I think we could lose the opportunity to educate buyers who may not realize what they are getting into.

  • Hi Andrea,

    Maybe you can suggest the qualifications for a good breeder, and we can add them to the guidelines.

    Thank you,

  • <>
    That can be kind of a sticky wicket....there are lots of different opinions on what makes a good breeder (see the good breeder vs. bad breeder thread) I wouldn't feel comfortable using my own set of guidelines in a forum like this....but if other people were interested in building a consensus, I would be happy to help.

  • The BCOA website has an interactive guide available at Part of the guide is a section called screening breeders.

    Also, many people just starting to research the breed may not be aware that many responsible breeders maintain a waiting list and pups are often spoken for before they are born. It may be appropriate to have a place for breeders to post information on the parents of an upcoming litter with contact information so people can get on those waiting lists.

  • That would be a great link to have available in this section, Lisa. I'd forgotten there was so much info there. Thanks for posting that.

    I like your idea about listing upcoming litters too…that could allow buyers to have discussion with different people without feeling the pressure, of having to commit right away.

  • Here's a question…why do you insist on us posting our telephone numbers?

    Also, who is to protect us from identity theft? I have been informed all one needs is a name and number.

  • Hi Annandael,

    We do not think that a phone number/first name can cause identity theft as phone numbers are publicly available information.

    We are not asking sellers to provide their social security or credit information in the for sale post. Those things can cause ID theft for sure.

    If the post is made by a legitimate breeder who has nothing to hide, we do not see why he/she would have a problem posting their phone number.

    Most of the breeder websites that we looked at had a phone number listed on there, so potential buyers feel more comfortable and can talk to a real person.

    We will look into this some more and maybe either hide the contact info in the post for unregestered users or make an exception to the rule.

    Thank you for bringing this up.

  • I like the basic for sale/waiting list format but I am unclear why weight is a required listing?

  • Well as my husband is military and it is my private cell phone number that isn't listed…I do not feel comfortable posting it over a public forum or my website. If someone would like to ask more about my plans, they may e-mail me and I will be happy to give my number to them.

    When I have a LAN I will probably post that on my site...but until then I will not.

    And yes, the weight information is interesting...

  • I would think the weight information just helps to give an idea of the general appearance of the dogs. If the parents are 35 lb dogs, then you may be looking at larger-than-standard puppies. Or if they are 18 lbs, then there may be issues with that as well.
    Anyway, it made sense to me to list the weight info.
    I could be way off base as to the reasons though; it was just my uneducated WAG.

  • I was thinking the same thing but weight really doesn't tell you about size. When I went to evaluate a rescue she was right around standard height but had been so overfed she weighed 40 pounds. I had never seen a dog so fat. I also don't know many people that weigh their dogs on a regular basis. Mine are only weighed when we go to the vet.


  • Maybe, but it can give you an idea of the general health and care that the parents have received also.

  • Well, most healthy basenjis are going to be roughly the same weight and height…and if it matters to you whether your basenji is 15 vs.17 inches high, or 18 lbs vs. 25 lbs you'd better be meeting the breeders' dogs in you have a better idea what your puppy may look like.

  • I'd like to think that people would meet the buyer's dogs in person anyway before actually purchasing….but realize that's not always possible in long distance purchases.
    But, if I see the breeder's adult dogs are all over or underweight,yes I would have a concern as to either the general health or the care they are given that may affect the health of the puppies.
    If the average weight for a dog is around 24 lbs, then yes, I'd want to look twice at one that is only 18 lbs, or a bitch that is 15 lbs. Those are pretty small animals to be choosing for breeding. Are they too young? Are they undernourished? Poorly bred? Or just small? Can't answer those questions w/out more information or a personal visit, but it is a starting point.
    But you are right, if those things don't matter to the buyer than it's irrelevent information. For those for whom it DOES matter, what is the harm in listing it?

  • Oh, there is no harm in listing it. If I was looking for a puppy, it just wouldn't be a question I would consider asking. I would be much more interested in how tall the parents were, honestly. My bitches range from 19lbs - 20lbs…three are thin/ is chubby. My male looks perfect at 22lbs...but some would consider that thin just looking at the numbers.

    My thought was that anyone who is that concerned about the weight of the parents might be looking for a show puppy...and there would be so many other components involved in the stature of the dog that stating just the weight wouldn't be that helpful in any sort of evaluation.

    You make a good point about the health of the parents based on weight though...I hadn't thought of it that way. We definitely agree that everyone should try to meet their prospective breeder and dogs before purchasing 🙂

  • We definitely agree that everyone should try to meet their prospective >>breeder and dogs before purchasing

    That sure made the sale for us when we were looking. We met one breeder who'd sounded great via a webpage, but upon visiting the place we were immediately turned off.
    And one visit with Bryan was all it took to get us {okay, well, me} excited about the dogs again, and make a decision!
    We visited one additional breeder, and were happy enough with what we saw there also. But there was little doubt that it would be Bryan we got our pup from!

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