• Day 2 and things are getting better. She is more relaxed around us and exploring more- still a bit spooked at unfamiliar sounds. She seems so timid and jumpy at times it's hard to imagine what her past was like.
    The skirmishes I mentioned were more of Biko getting snarky rather than fights as Mac Pack said; no biting, just a show of teeth, hackles and vocalizing. Today they were able to pass each other without any drama. She even tried to initiate play, but unfortunately Biko just watched.

  • Congrats! I saw Dharma on the BRAT website a few days ago, I'm glad she has a forever home!
    Good luck 🙂

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    She is lovely.

    Just a bit of advice– your allowing them enough access to each other this fast in spite of skirmishes could set this up for total failure. Each fight increases the likelihood of NOT getting along ever. With new dogs, I limit access for sometimes days or even weeks if necessary until things are calm.

    I'd add to this that it'll be even easier if the meetings take place on neutral ground - the park, or any place that Biko doesn't consider his home, where therefore Dharma isn't an intruder.

    It's a lovely looking girl!!

  • A few more photos & day #4 success.
    She's come a long way since last friday afternoon.
    Now if she could just figure out the pet door, (to her credit it has been cold, wet and nasty recently).

  • it is so rewarding to see pups like this coming out of their shell. lucky you!

  • "Whoo hoo" for Dharma, looks like she is adjusting…..I am sure since your other dog uses the door that she "gets it" but that in this weather she doesn't want to use it willingly! She also seems timid/shy, perhaps it scares her right now- all in good time. Glad things are going so well for you

  • You have a very beautiful pup there. Congrats!

  • How is she doing now?


  • Well, after week 5 of getting used to her new surroundings, she has relaxed a little more. She is still a bit wary of us and will walk or run away when approached (unless there is food involved). However, if we are sitting she will approach us. We think she really never had any contact with people until she was rescued from the rest area, if she did it wasn't anything positive. The great thing is that she and Biko are getting along famously! They have their play times, there haven't been any food fights and occasionally they will snuggle up together. There is still a lot more work to do - more reassuring, reinforcement, socializing, etc. but I think she will eventually come out of her shell.

    Oh, and that droopy tail seen in the previous photos has been replaced by a nice tightly curled one.

  • People may have tried to chase her and throw things at her at the rest area. I bet it was traumatic for her and it could take quite awhile for her to feel comfortable with people. I have seen people do that to cats at rest areas.


  • First Basenji's

    Oh, and that droopy tail seen in the previous photos has been replaced by a nice tightly curled one.

    I noticed that too! glad to hear of the proper upright position! Time is what was needed, and good to hear that they really really will be buds!

  • First Basenji's

    good luck and she is a cutie- did you say she was found in a rest area? how in the world did she get 'captured'?????

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