Meet Nyko

JRT/Basenji mix. He is 8 months old. Took to me and my family really quick. 0_1522979131510_IMG_02941.jpg

Beautiful - what a CUTIE,

Start training fast πŸ™‚ Keep him busy.
Basic lessons to left, trouble spot on right. Simple, positive training πŸ™‚

@debradownsouth thank you! We are trying to train him. This information will help.

Agree- simple, consistent, positive training.

How did you do tu pastel picture ? I try with this --> ![text alternatif](url de l'image) And I put instagram link but isn't working like you, I just have links πŸ˜• thankfully πŸ˜…

@cwissiee thank you! I used the > and it worked for me.

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