Meet Melo

Meet Melo, 5 month old Basenji mix (male). Looking for a good re-home. 0_1559766856002_Melo2.jpg

Helpful to know where you are, also are you in a rush? Reason for having to let him go? All info will help prospective members. There is also a specific section in the forum somewhere for this, dogs for sale / wanted or something I think.

My son got Melo in college and brought him home. I already have 2 dogs and while Melo is a great dog, I'm just not ready for 3 dogs. We live in Jacksonville Florida. I have posted in the for sale / wanted forum as well.

@sakuhn62 Jacksonville, Florida .... well, Jacksonville Beach actually.....

I'm one of Basenji Rescue And Transport's Basenji mix coordinators. I could help you find a home for Melo, contact me at:

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