• Hello All,

    Just a quick query for Lycia. She is coming up on 5 years of age, and is an unspayed girl. Each year she has always come into season somewhere between July-September without fail. This year I have noticed the normal signs of a swollen vulva, moodiness etc, seeking out unneutered males for attention, for almost 2 months now. Therefore she has been kept on lead since the last few days of July…but unusually she has still not bled at all. Is this typical as they get older to bleed less, so much as I wouldn't notice? I have her booked in to see her vet next week because its bothered me so much, but I wanted to ask the experts. 😃

  • I would take her in as she could have had a heat in July with little or no bleeding and have pyometra or other issue. Please post when your vet sees her. Five is certainly not old enough to be the issue.

  • I agree with Debra. She needs to be seen by a vet to check for pyometra (infection of the uterus). Pyometra is deadly so please don't delay. If she is negative, then she may have a problem with her thyroid or her hormones.

  • Lauren, how is Lycia ?

  • OK - well we went to the vet .. and of course she started her heat, that morning! Typical typical Basenji. 😛 Had a normal check up anyway and she it fit as a fiddle (but mummy needs to brush her teeth more, oops). All and all she is absolutely fine.

  • I swear by Plaque Off….. just add a small about to their food every day... Then I brush 2 or 3 times a week

  • I have some actually!! Just haven't been the best at remembering to put it in her bowl.. bad mummy. : /

  • So pleased that all is well - these non appearances as normal are such a worry.

  • Lauren, i'm glad Lycia is ok

  • I bought 2 bottles of Plaque Off, didn't help. Then I read their OWN RESEARCH that says helps for 5 wks then plaque increases. When their own research doesn't support it, cheap though it is, you have to wonder if it helps. But every vet site says none of the sprays, additives or anything helps more than minimal– brushing is critical. I should also add until I stopped feeding raw, I never had to brush a dog's teeth. Now even Cara at almost 3 has a bit of plaque so am now brushing HER teeth (though only 3 x a week, not every day like Arwen). 😞

  • Certainly some have different results, mine have been on it for over 2 years and no plaque… used with brushing a few times a week.... And yes I agree, brushing is critical regardless of what else you use.

  • I REALLY wanted the plaque vaccine to pan out. When it came out, my vets (who are cautious) said to wait a couple of years. Well, it has been found safe, but they discontinued it as it doesn't work. I really need a miracle. Though the truth is, she is good about it now and heck, I spent more time grooming the chow 2x a week than I do brushing her teeth every night. I still have to get them cleaned every 3 mos though. My vet recommended trying a water pik. ROFLMAO, me and what army? Sigh. So we just keep getting them cleaned. For the record, she isn't forming tartar, it is the actual plaque her gums react to.


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