• Waiting to see wether it will be a direct hit thru santo Domingo Friday morning, or if it will turn a little and miss us!!!!

  • Hope it misses you!

    Nature can be so powerful, but not always nice.

    Take care.

  • Thank you, so far it looks like its going to come in at Pedernales, which is the southernmost tip, that leaves Sanyo Domingo out of the worst of it. HopefulY it will turn a bit south and miss us altogether…

  • My thoughts are with you.

  • Will you still get a lot of rain and/or wind? Be safe!


  • Currently it looks like Isaac will remain a tropical storm as it passes the DR, Haiti, and Cuba. Beyond that, it may become an actual hurricane…...and go visiting the republican convention in Florida. 😉

  • So far.. Very lucky… It has stayed south, there hasn't even been any rain in the city at all...

  • Great news!


  • OK.. i think I spoke too soon. It has been pouring since yesterday.. non stop. I went out this morning and the streets were like rivers,…lots of flooding, mainly on street corners were the drains get clogged with stuff!!..

  • First Basenji's

    Boy, do I feel for you! Was living in the Keys during Andrew 20 years ago, (but with a cat no dogs….) and the aftermath is always the challenge no matter the category of the storm. Hope there is not a bad aftermath for you in the islands! Godspeed! We will be awaiting the surge/winds/rain this weekend just north of Tampa by 80 miles; have battened down the hatches as best we could and leaving the pups outside most of the day to enjoy in case we have foul weather Sunday/Monday/Tuesday.....daughter in Key West said they had about 20-25 knot winds as of 6pm Sat today.

  • Thanks,, yes it was weird. We had no wind or rain while it was really close, just below us. Now that its over Cuba is when we are feeling it down here.. Its still pouring !!! Its not that strong in terms of wind,, but it has a LOT of water!!!

  • So much damage already: ::
    Quote: Isaac has already left a trail of suffering across the Caribbean.
    The storm's center made landfall Saturday near the far-eastern tip of Cuba, downing trees and power lines. In the picturesque city of Baracoa, the storm surge flooded the seaside Malecon and a block inland, destroying two homes.
    At least four people were reported dead in Haiti, including a 10-year-old girl who had a wall fall on her, according to the country's Civil Protection Office. The government also reported "considerable damage" to agriculture and homes. Nearly 8,000 people were evacuated from their houses or quake shelters and more than 4,000 were taken to temporary shelters.
    The Grise River in Haiti overflowed north of Port-au-Prince, sending chocolate-brown water spilling through the sprawling shantytown of Cite Soleil, where many people grabbed what possessions they could and carried them on their heads, wading through waist-deep water.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/weather/2012/08/26/tropical-storm-isaac-gains-strength-expected-to-become-hurricane-sunday/#ixzz24ehVdmIy

    Check in when you can.. this looks bad:

    QUOTE:::: In the Dominican Republic, Isaac felled power and phone lines and left at least a dozen towns cut off by flood waters. Nearly one million people were without power, emergency officials said.

    The most severe damage was reported along the south coast, including the capital Santo Domingo.

  • Yes, lots of rain… not as bad as it sounds from the news though..There must be a lot of flooding in low areas and I'm sure some towns are cut off . We are used to being without power. It happens everywhere,..almost everyday even without storms. Here in Santo Domingo.. some flooded streets and the power has been on and off.

  • I hope your power does not go out for long. Everyone in FL stay safe!


  • We are just south of Tampa, where the RNC is taking place - all we are getting are widespread bands of rain, very little wind to speak of, just normal windy rainy weather - thankfully Isaac is going past far west of here. It looks at this point like it will hit somewhere north and west, hopefully not in New Orleans - that would be a terrible fate on the anniversary of Katrina!

  • From what I've been watching on the news ( which could mean anything ;)…have family there) its not looking fantastic for FL....wondering if we are going to see any effects of it in MA since we are close to the coast

  • My thoughts have been with you since I heard the warning on our Radio4. Keep safe.

  • If you are in the evacuation areas, please remember to bring the vaccine records for your animals and medication(s). If you would have to put your animals in one of the evaucation shelters for animals, the shelter will probably revaccinate your animals if you do not have proof!


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