• Yesterday, I noticed that my 9-year-old female has a rather swollen vulva and she's licking at it a bit–occasionally but not incessantly.

    • She doesn't seem sick or in pain in any way (eating, sleeping, peeing, pooping, etc. are all normal)
    • We've had very hot weather for the last 3-4 days (over 90 degrees)
    • I don't see anything in the area that looks like a rash, bug bites, or anything oozing, bleeding, or scabbed
    • She's not rubbing her bottom on the ground
    • She isn't on any medication, doesn't have any chronic conditions, and has always been very healthy

    She is spayed but I suppose that doesn't stop her from "coming into heat"--maybe that's what's going on? I haven't done anything to treat the swelling other than gently wash the area with cool water and make sure that she's drinking lots of water.

    Any thoughts?

  • Please have her checked by a vet as she could have an infection. I had an elderly spayed female rescue who had stump pyometra which occurs in spayed females. She was spayed at a young age. She also had UTI problems. She made it though the surgery just fine.


  • I would also have her checked for infection… they can get them. At lure trials at check in all girls are check for discharge, regardless of being spayed... many a male can mistake that for coming in season..... my males have....

  • Is anyone in the house on female estrogen patches, creams or gels? If yes, this could be a side effect from her having contact with the hormones.


  • Hi it's me Laura. Your Ziggy is my dog's father.
    Anyway please have your female checked. My Savannah (talker's niece) had stump pyrometa. She also was spayed 9 years before. She had a swollen vuvla and was licking. The vet thought it was a bad UTI bc antibiotics were not working. An ultra sound revealed that tissue left behind had bc seriously infected causing the pyrometa. Savannah had surgery but passed away almost two weeks after her surgery. The ultrasound reveal an enlarged liver and mass. She had cancer and it was aggressive.

    I believe her system was so compromised by the infection that she couldn't fight the cancer. She passed away on July 23.

    We miss her. Please get yours check ASAP.

    Laura and Talker.

  • I believe this was a false alarm, something topical rather than illness.

    I gave her a long, cool bath yesterday, using a shampoo that "relieves itching associated with minor skin irritations, inflammation and rashes."
    She has completely stopped licking (anywhere on her body, not just under her tail). She seems much more relaxed and comfortable, compared to yesterday, even though we're dealing with 99-degree weather.
    When I check her labia, I don't see any redness, or any change. I can prod the area, and she doesn't show any sign of pain.

    I think that what I thought was swelling is just how the vulva looks in a healthy dog. I'll keep a watchful eye on her for the next few days to see if anything changes.

    Thanks for the tips. 🙂

    (Waving hi to Laura and Ziggy's kin)

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