My 10 week old female b has a swollen tee tee

My puppy has a swollen tee tee. My vet gave her a small dose of antibotic but it didnt help. I have been to 2 vets and both say it is nothing to be worried about. Urinaliis was negative and there is not discharge. I just hate it for her…anyone know anything???

Thank y'all for the suggestions. I have made another appointment with another vet for in the morning. They said if they couldn't figure it out they would send me to a specialist that could. Hopefully tomorrow they will ge this little girl taken care of.

Do let us know how it goes.

I found the problem with my puppies swollen tee tee to be the hormones I was putting on my arms. She would bite and grab hold of my arms and I guess she was getting some of the hormones that way. I have stopped putting these on my arms and her tee tee is getting better and better.

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