• How often do you bathe your basenji? Other than wiping Senji off with a wet towel once in a while when he gets dirty, I only bathe him every other month or so. He's never had fleas or parsisites. (He's 11 years old) On Sunday, he started scratching his ears and around his neck like crazy. He also kept running from room to room and would jump on all the beds and sofas, and would hide behind the sofa. He kept waking me up every hour or two and needed to go outside. (The cold air seemed to make him feel better) I gave him 1/2 a benadryl and later gave him his scheduled dose of prednisone. I took him to the vet yesterday to see what was wrong. The vet said that he has seborrhea due to a bacterial infection and put him on a new antibiotic. (Simplicef) Last night, he was starting to act up again. I ended up shampooing him with Head and Shoulders and then put cortisone cream on the red, itchy spots. The vet said he might need to be bathed with a special medicated shampoo if this doesn't clear up.
    Senji has been on a low protein diet due to his liver disease. He's not supposed to be eating beef or lamb or dark meat. The vet said a little chicken, turkey, or egg is ok.
    Any advice?

  • Gosh - Hope the vet helps Senji feel better. Duke gets a bath whenever he gets dirty - in summer, once a month. He's 1 yr. old. Right now, being winter - he doesn't get dirty because the ground is frozen. I don't know what would be a normal bath schedule for Basenjis. Sending a big wish to Senji for healing health.

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