Tips for caring for a B after getting neutered?

Kylo is 7 months, he is coming home in a couple of hours, besides the after care package from the vet any tips for caring for my dog after surgery?

Nothing special, I don't even give paid meds.... I would prefer they feel some pain as that helps in keeping them from doing much. Don't even use the e-Collar, never had an issue with them bothering the surgery site. That said, I am home with them for the first couple of days. After a couple of days I always let them do whatever is comfortable for them to do.

I definitely don’t want to hijack a thread but I’m also wondering this. However, my B has cryptorchidism and will be having his done via laparoscopic surgery. Is there any difference in after-surgery care that I should prepare for?

They gave me pain meds and anxiety meds. He is under the influence of the anesthesia, going to follow your advice, I took a week off to care for him.

@tanza glad to read you also feel that way (me too)

@mnbadger - I have not had any experience with that (in 30+ yrs of raising Basenjis) but I would say nothing different

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