Red and Brindle puppies Availble in October in Portland, Oregon

  • Your name: Kathy, Khani's Basenjis
    Your city, state: Portland, Oregon
    Your phone numbers/email: bennyburnerbono at
    Basenji(s) For Sale: Red/Brindle M/F puppies
    Age of Basenji(s): 1 week (whelped 8/5/2012)
    Parents health tests:
    Sire: "Michael" CH Khani's Man in the Mirror SC (OFA Good, Elbow/Patella/Thyroid Normal, CERFd, Fanconi Carrier)
    Dam: "Baby" CH Khani's Whole Lotta Love SE (OFA Good, Elbow/Patella/Thyroid Normal, CERFd, Fanconi Clear)
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC
    Price: To Be Discussed
    Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: 9-10 weeks ofage
    Do you ship your Basenjis: Yes

    Check them out on our Khani's Basenjis FB page.

  • O boy, my heart jumped a bit…..

    This is going to be the start of a very difficult breeding season to get through! All year long I convince myself that everything is just fine with Oakley and I; then the minute I see something like this I'm like "oh, yea...I want another one!"

  • Oh this is so tempting…we definitely want another one, preferably tri or brindle. Just have been going back and forth about whether to get another puppy or not.

  • Congrats on having such a nice litter, and early too:)

  • LOL Kathy…. getting an early start on 2013 Nationals!!! Congrats on a nice litter and as Lisa said, early too!

  • Since this post my mind has been strictly on puppies. Dreaming and plotting in my head…I officially have puppy fever!

  • LOL Chealsie508!

  • Lmao…I just can't help myself!! Every breeding season that passes without getting another seems to get me more and more crazy! I can't buy a house soon enough, seriously...

    I may have to take a leave of absence from the forum if I continue to be this mentally incapacitated by basenji puppies

  • Just for you Chealsie… we are having Oakley relatives this fall! lol
    Blacks, brindles, and reds!!

  • I've never been so mesmerized by basenji puppies. My heart tears into two- the side that says "how can I not" and the side that says "do you remember how difficult Oakley was?!"

    I was told basenjis are like potato chips, you ant have just one…and it's the truest saying I've ever heard!!!

  • Why oh why don't I avoid the forums from Oct til about … well heck, won't help cause even if I miss the puppy announcements (btw, where are the pictures?), I still see the new puppy owner's pics and yearn. Congrats. 🙂

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