Beautisimous Brindle/White Female Available in Portland, Oregon

  • Your name: Kathy
    Your city, state: Portland, Oregon
    Your phone numbers/email: 503-839-0208,
    Basenji(s) For Sale: "Dina" Khani's Funky Cold Medina
    Age of Basenji(s): 3.5 months
    Dina's Health tests: CERFd, Fanconi Carrier
    Parents health tests:
    Sire: "Michael" CH Khani's Man in the Mirror SC [OFA Hips Good, Elbow/Patella/Thyroid Normal, CERFd, Fanconi Carrier]
    Dam: "Baby" CH Khani's Whole Lotta Love SC [OFA Hips Good, Elbow/Patella/Thyroid Normal, CERFd, Fanconi Clear]
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC registered
    Price: Discussed with correspondence
    Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: Now
    Do you ship your Basenjis: Yes

  • Oh I so should not have clicked on that picture!!!

    Kathy- that's a lovely little girl. If my situation were a little different I'd so contact you!

  • You know those potato chips…. Dina is a lover and begs to please.... this is the first litter that I have ever had that would clamor to the stacking blocks and push each other off of the blocks so they could set themselves up on the blocks and earn their cheese! She is a little showgirl already... a bit gangly at 3.5 months, but will be a stunner upon maturity as she was at 8 wks of age. BTW... she LOOOOOOOVES the dumb empty white plastic baggies! lol

  • yes, well, I have 3 curlytailed potato chips and one malinois. And with dear old Digital turning 16 next month (and Jet the trying will be 15 tomorrow!), I just don't think it'd be fair to bring in a new puppy. At least not until we get that bigger house. Still, I can't imagine life with out a brindlewonderkid. <sigh>And it would be a plus to have a begs to please type dog in that agility ring. <double sigh="">I will be envious of whoever gets that baby girl.</double></sigh>

  • Keep you eye on Michael… THAT is the temperament that he is producing.. because that is how he is.. I love it!

  • Hopefully in a year or two, I can find such a lovely brindle puppy! Maybe another of Michael's get?

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