• Your name: Kathy Britton/Khani's Basenjis
    Your city, state: Portland, Oregon
    Your phone numbers/email: bennyburnerbono @ aol.com
    Basenji(s) For Sale: Lola
    Age of Basenji(s): ~ 9 years old
    Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: 20#
    Health Tests: Strip-tests negative for Fanconi, Linkage test pending.
    Parents health tests:
    Sire: Unknown.
    Dam: Unknown.
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC registered parents.
    Price: Low adoption fee.
    Do you ship your Basenjis: USA shipping only for Lola

    Lola is very sweet. She has been with me less than a week. I leave her loose in the house while I am at work and she sleeps all day in the sunshine in the front window. She is NOT house desctructive. She would be fine with an older male or alone. She is great with kids of all ages.
    She has never lived with cats, so a non-kitty household only.
    She is leash- and crate-trained, though she is fine loose in the house all hours. She is also house-broken. She does NOT beg and she loves to eat vegetables.

  • She is lovely. I do hope she finds her forever home soon

    What is her story?

  • Pretty girl!

    We don't have room for three, but I'll spread the word.

  • She is lovely, I too hope she finds a forever home soon. She sounds like a dream, perfect as a "First basenji". Good luck, and thank you for taking her in and finding her a home.


  • Apparently, she is too energetic and runs through the house at 500 mph all the time
    What is interesting is that she sleeps on a dog bed in the window and rarely gets up throughout the day.
    Maybe she is too energetic compared to a slug… not sure.
    And they kept the JRT and JRT mix.. go figure!

    She is a very very sweet dog...
    but needs her own home, not mine!

  • She is so lovely - too bad you are so far from me.
    Any word yet on a new home for her?

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