WANTED IN VA, R/W basenji pet

Hi, I'm an experienced Basenji owner and looking to share my loving home with a basenji companion. House trained prefered. Falconi clear please.Can pay to responsible owner/breeder

Have you filled out a application for BRAT?

or there is the cutest rw B mix in VA

Who sounds amazing.. the shelter said he is very Basenji (doesn't sound like he barks) and there is virtually no risk for Fanconi disease because he is a cross.

or if you desire a responsibly breed B from a breeder you should look to the BCOA's breeders list @ http://www.basenji.org/

This breeder has a four year old brindle girl ready for adoption - She might be a good match since you are Basenji experienced. Do you have any pets right now? http://www.itzyu.com

Let us know what you decide…we are here to help you with any issues you might have.

Mauigirl… AH!! Those puppies are SOOOOOOOOOO cute!! Don't post any more links like that-- they're too hard to resist!! 🙂

Lori, look at the newest rescue post, a nice young basenji in North Carolina!

Give Rebecca a call!

This one, right? Looks good, Lori…


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