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Update: >> Back to the store to drop off some info and to my suppries the girl is gone and her brother barooing away : '( There was a mom and daughter intrested in purchasing him so I sat them dwn and gave them the low down on Basenji life. I told them about good breeders and to think it over tonight and go home and log onto BRAT. If they felt like coming back the next day to purchase him I told them to call me so I could give them more info.

I felt sorry for the little guy. I stayed awhile and played a bit with him, funny he really thought he could eat my shoe, rofl. I took him into the little visiting pen and while still speaking to the daughter and her mom the little guy was doing the 500 around my feet, damn I wish I had my phone for video.

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Thanks guys for responding. All good points. My only wish is that someone who does know the Basenji breed does buy them. Yes, it's a nice wish that maybe if people would stop buying from pet stores then the mass maket puppy mills would find it hard to make a buck. I just want to stop the hemoraging now>> that is a brother and sister who need a good home. It's funny because those that brought up the fact that alot of ppl go to these stores looking for a paticular dog are not really prepared. As I stood there talking to one of the employees I couldn't help but notice hardly anyone was looking at the Basenjis. During that 20mins. of me examining the pupps only two ppl new the breed and kinda had and idea of there traits : (

The concensus on this post says (no) to buying them, $800 a piece, but they are the breed that we so much want to protect.

So it's do we not buy so we teach someone a lesson or do we buy so we can teach this brother and sister that we know there capabilities and love the breed, and to protect them from noobs to the breed… Again something was mentioned about a vicious cycle, well I suppose if their life finds them in a BRAT adoption home some day then so be it but wouldn't be nice if they could find that home and care now not another 3-6yrs. form now? Again my wish is to stop sweating the small stuff now and get them into a positive environment before anymore psycho or mental damage can occure.

This is the time I wish I could win the lottery : )

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I just wanted to post this real quick. I live in SoCal., Irvine to be exact and I just came back from doing some rounds to the local pet stores. There are two, (brother and sister), 3mo. old tri color at a store near me. It was late so I didn't have much time to ask about papers and breeder, (god I hope not from a mill). Anyway I picked both up to get a better look and both seem well fed and alirt. The girl is going to be a handle full, I can already tell. The boy (he is a sweety), stayed in my arms and kept trying to eat my gotee, I had chicken for dinner. If anyone is intrested or looking to save these poor guys drop me a line for more info. It would be great to keep them together.

Have a great weekend,
Jim Gloss

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Hey all,
Well I finally got around to joining BRAT and will start taking a more active roll in my soon to be Basenji's lives. I currently have no B's but did up until last year both a boy,(Cody) and girl,(Cheyenne), red/white. I never new about the breed until 5yrs. ago and loved them dearly. They both now live in NC. I'm in the market for a pair, any color will do, and looking for offspring from champion lure coursing if any.

So hello and hope to see some of you at the local dog park.

P.S. I will be posting some info on a brother/sister, tri color available in Irvine, Ca.

Best wishes,
Jim Gloss

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