Red/White NM Available in Portland, OR

Your name: Kathy
Your city, state: Portland, OR
Your phone numbers/email: bennyburnerbono at aol dot com
Basenji(s) For Sale: "Caesar" Khani's Karne Keli
Age of Basenji(s): 4.5 years, Neutered
Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: #22
Testing: CERFd as a pup, tested as Probably Fanconi Carrier
Parents health tests: Sire/Dam OFAd for hips, eyes, fanconi, etc.
Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC
Price: A very good home
Do you ship your Basenjis: To the right home, yes.

Caesar is an incredibly outgoing and happy dog. He was tossed aside by an owner that went through girlfriends and the new GF didn't want the dog around. Then on to a home where partying was more important than the dog. Caesar just wants to be your companion. He does great with all our girl dogs and the toy dog. He is loose in the house all day long, but is also leash- and crate-trained. He has lived with cats and done fine with them.. he learns quick and isn't want to antagonize them!


Caesar is a stunner..

I am interested in your beautiful dog! Is relocating this dog to Wisconsin possible? I have no dogs at this time. I just fostered a tri colored basenji that was moving from Chicago to Florida. Fell in love with the breed. My sister also has a 7 yr old R/W and 2 tri colors so I am familiar with the dogs. I'd love to add one to my household 🙂

Oh my, he's a gorgeous looking dude! He deserves a good home, and hopefully he will finally get one.

Meant to post last week…
Caesar is in a new forever home... forever!

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