Hello all!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jason and I have a wonderful 5 month old Basenji/Minpin mix. Her name is Winter and she has become a wonderful addition to my life.

I am 26, married and a veteran (as is my wife) now I'm a student.

Winter is a blessing to me. She distracts me from my own head and the PTSD that is within. She has changed my personality almost completely.

The photo is from the first day we picked her up from the shelter. Many more to come!

Omigosh. What a cutie! Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing. 🙂

First Basenji's

Welcome. She is so cute.
I can tell you with no doubts, my B has made me a better person. For all the stress that comes with being responsible for a living thing he gives so much back to our family.

I have always been a Corgi lover, my first dog was a Corgi, but I have found a new favorite!

Also, super excited my posts are now showing up!!!

Savour every moment with her…

Wow, what cutie! Welcome, please share stories about Winter with us!

Welcome and bless you for rescuing him. Sounds like it is a lucky home for everyone.

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