• I recently rescued a lovely dog from a shelter. He had a car accident and has a paralyzed leg, but is extremely playful and obedient. I suspect that the dog is a mix between a basenji and some other breed. What do you think?


  • Sure looks like a basenji mix, with lots of basenji in him! Congratulations for rescuing a shelter dog with 'special needs', I wish you many years of joy with your boy.

  • How big is he? Something about the head suggests Greyhound or perhaps Whippet to me. And yes, I see Basenji as well. Good on you for helping this guy out! (obedience is decidedly not a Basenji trait!) 🙂

  • Perhaps he has a Herding breed mixed in-for the obedience!


  • Thanks for your responses. He is a small to medium sized dog. Personality wise, extremely social, playful, alert and sensitive. His tail is straight, he shreds hair and he has a"dog smell" while I heard Basenjis generally have a curved tail and don't shred.

  • Basenjis shed, but the hair is pretty short so you don't notice it so much. They really don't have a doggy odour (except perhaps when their mouths are open 🙂 ) Certainly they are playful and alert, some are more sensitive than others, and sociability varies as well. Yes, a herding dog mix would improve obedience. I'd like to see a full body shot with him standing up…...

  • Eeefarm: Thanks! Here are two more pics.


  • First Basenji's

    Oh, he's really pretty! His head definitely looks whippety or Basenji-like to me, but I would think that his body would have a more sighthoundly frame if that was the case. There was something about the tail that was making me think Beagle. A possibility? Perhaps even beagle-whippet?

  • The head still reminds me of greyhound for some reason. Too long a muzzle for Basenji and not broad enough for most of the herding dogs. Lots of Basenji look to him for sure. I would still like to see a picture of him standing up, to see his proportions and how his tail hangs. BTW, which leg is paralyzed?

  • Thanks eeefarm. When I picked him up from the shelter I was told that he has a nerve damage in the fight front-leg resulting from a brain damage acquired from a car accident. As a result of that he is limping (the leg is basically paralyzed). It is not painful and doesn't seem to bother him at the moment, although he gets tired during long walks.

    I've been to three vets who have said there is nothing to do (except for possible amputation which I think is unnecessary). I nonetheless wonder if you have any tips on if there is anything one could place on the leg to support it?

  • Yes, his head definitely looks too long for a basenji. He has the colouring and markings that are consistent with a basenji though. My thoughts on the paralyzed leg are: as long as he doesn't drag it and it doesn't interfere with him, I would leave it. However, if it drags, you will want it removed as he will scrap the skin off and could get an infection. And, if it needs support, I would probably want to have it removed anyway as it is just in the way and may cause him issues. I would also go to a more specialized vet to see about the nerve damage, regular vets are fine for some things, but not for everything. Just MO

  • I agree with the others that although he seems to have Basenji in him - his head is def. not Basenji.

    As for the leg I'd have it amputated if it troubles him - He'll cope with 3 legs I'm sure, but certainly consult a specialist first. Please keep us updated.

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