• My B has very red eyes at certain times of day and when he is very warm. It has started to happen more often and makes him look very tired. Is this an issue? How worried should I be?

  • If concerned you should take him to the Vet to be checked. I would not think that it is normal, could be allergies, but only your Vet can tell you for sure

  • First Basenji's

    Is it the actual 'white' of the eyeball or the lids? I agree with tanza and get a Vet to look at it. You don't want anything to allow the sight to get affected, especially if you can catch it early if it is indeed something serious.

  • Do you have any pictures?

  • I would definitely take her to the vet as this is unusual in my opinion.

  • Thanks guys. Sometimes it's his eyes but normally it's his rims. He's all black so it shows up very dramatically. No pictures have turned out well enough to show it. We've switched him to Blue Buffalo brand food but he still scratches a lot around his face. Not as much as he used to but he still scratches. I'll get him tested as soon as I can get him in.

  • Could it be something with his third eyelid? My Arnie's dad, Davie, had this and when he had a CERF exam at a BCOA National in St. Louis, it was noted. The vet said that he rarely sees this in Bs. In some breeds this is a problem-can be disqualified in the show ring if it is extremely noticeable. Davie's eyes just looked different and it was because it was non-pigmented. He did not need anything done to correct it. It was not a protrusion or a cherry eye or anything like that. A problem with a third eyelid can sometimes cause dry eye.


  • Thanks! Good to know

  • I would take him to an opthalmologist for an exam though because there are lots of thing that it could be besides this. He could also be having really bad allergies that is causing inflamation of his eyes.


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