• I have a 2 year old red and white purebred basenji that I need to rehome. She is housebroken and very sweet and outgoing, loves to play, and she is spayed and up to date on her shots. The only problem I am having is she and my other female basenji do not get a long at all, she adores my saint bernard puppy though. She would do best as only dog or with a very good natured male dog. She is fairly vocal, she loves to make interesting noises when shes excited, love to get petted and loves to sit on laps, shes very affectionate. If you think you can give this girl a great new home let me know.

    Edit: Here is a picture of her http://i.imgur.com/3yLwB.jpg

  • Have you contacted her breeder for possible rehoming?

  • Hi, thanks for the response. The origins of this dog are unknown, I recently rescued her from an animal hoarder, she was living outside in a filthy kennel with numerous other dogs. I have no idea who the breeder was, the hoarder had said that the dog was abandoned and she collected it. It was a horrible situation, the dog has a few battle scars from the other dogs and she had some behavioral issues when I got her and she was dirty and underweight. I have since cleaned her up and worked with her issues and she has come a very long way, you would never know she had had such a rough start from how sweet she is. She is just not working out with my other basenji, but she would make another family very happy.

  • First Basenji's

    I recommend contacting Basenji Rescue and Transport Basenjirescue.org

    They will be able to help you find her a suitable home.

  • Yep, we think contacting Brat (Basenji Rescue and Transport) might be the best solution. You can look them up at the website or there are several members on this forum that are active in Brat. Please let us know if you contact them and how this turns out for your Basenji. Thank you very much for getting this Basenji out of harms way and doing what you can to find this dog a good home.

  • Where was she originally found at? Do you know when the person originally found her? I assume she did not have a microchip.


  • Do you know how she is with cats? I know someone here in FL looking for a nice basenji but he has 2 cats so that narrows the field a lot! I believe he would be willing to drive that far to get her, if she is cat-friendly (or has a low prey drive).

  • Hi, thanks for all the responses. I was about to contact brat, then I I heard from a family that lives about an hour away that wanted her and had basenji experience, so they adopted her today. She seemed to like them a lot and they were very excited to have a new basenji. So hopefully she will be very happy in her new home, they promised to keep me updated on her.

  • Thank you for rescuing this poor girl! I'm glad that you were able to find a forever home for her, where you can keep tabs from afar. Please keep us posted!

    Hugs and roos~

  • Wonderful news!


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