• Yesterday I had a very long and arduous day, I come home walk Oakley, feed him and get dinner going….I hadn't smiled all day and in walks Oakley ( right into a wall) because he stole the empty pasta box (my dinner) and got it stuck over his head...I didn't take a picture but it was definitely the comedic relief I needed. Thought I would share

  • The perfect way to come out of your doldrums! That must have been a picture for sure. He is a doll - bet he was embarrassed when you took the box off his head - they don't like to appear out of total control much. LOL

  • Definitely embarassed. At home I always pretend to be Oakley in a funny voice ( I'm nuts!) and I swear if he could talk it would be" ugh mom, nothing to look at here,just taking out the recycling"

    His gooberness is why I love him…always something to smile at

  • That's what makes this breed great. They are complete clowns, endless source of entertainment. 🙂

  • First Basenji's


    That's what makes this breed great. They are complete clowns, endless source of entertainment. 🙂

    AMEN!!!!! Would have had to stand with my legs close while laughing if I witnessed that one!!!! I am particularly fond of Uzie's 180 turn to let me know it is getting close to dinner time, then the 'Tissue Retrieve Game'. He promptly goes into the bathroom (the only time of day this is done….) brings out a used tissue, drops it in front of us while we are watching the 5pm news and love to have (me) get up, pick it up, and hope I turn to the kitchen to begin his dinner preparations...................

  • You can always count on them for that!!

  • Lol, i can just imagine it

  • We can always rely on Basenjis to lift our spirits!

  • Very true… He always seems to know just what I need.....but then again, there are times he seems to know just what I don't need!!! Lol

    Either way I laugh so that just goes to show I'm crazy about him

  • Basenjis are best! It is impossible for my husband and I to be around Kipawa and not smile or laugh. 🙂 How wonderful that yours can lift your spirits as well!

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