• I promised myself I would not post a hello till our new family member was here but after putting up a temporary fence (much more to come) and making dog treats all night I cannot contain myself.

    We are so excited to welcome him into our home. His name is "Q", AKA Differential Equation.

    Tuesday seems so very far away. Cannot wait to go for a walk together.

    Almost forget to add….his breeder (a most amazing lady) lives less than 20 minutes away so he will be able to run with his brother & offspring often....awesome!

  • Who is your breeder? Many dogs here are related and it's fun to find out where your dog's cousins are.

    Congrats on the new dog. You said his "offspring" so I take it he is a retired show dog? How old?

  • Chris Maxka is the breeder. She is bringing him back from Finland from another breeder that has had him for the past few (5-6?) years.

    He will be 8 years old on November 30th and yes, he was shown but I do not understand much about all that. It's interesting to look at on paper but we just want a companion dog. From what we have learned from the second breeder is he will be outstanding in that role as well. i.e great temperment, great with kids etc.

  • Congrats, Chris has some very nice dogs. She has used the offspring of one of my boys for some of her recent litters.

  • Welcome to the Forum. I'm sure you'll have great fun walking with your new Basenji. What is his call name?

  • First Basenji's

    OOooOoo! I live in NJ I would love to meet up with Basenji ppl in the area…. I live in Rockaway, NJ. Where are you located... that is if you are interested

  • Q is what he responds to. I've seen his show name both as Differential Equation and Different Equation.

  • @vickayx:

    OOooOoo! I live in NJ I would love to meet up with Basenji ppl in the area…. I live in Rockaway, NJ. Where are you located... that is if you are interested

    We are fairly far to the South, near Philadelphia.

  • First Basenji's

    Hi All,
    Figured I would introduce myself as well…. I'm Mike's wife, Kathleen. Nice to meet everyone!!!

  • His registered name is officially Different Equation but that was an error on AKC's part that never was fixed. His breeder had submitted Differential Equation as his name. The litter was math themed. His brother is Pi, Pi R Squared.

  • First Basenji's

    Darn that is just sooo far. Maybe one day!

  • Just a little update. We brought Q home Tuesday night around 7PM after a very long trip (the poor little guy) of flying from Finland into Newark and a 2 hour ride from the airport to Chris's home. Luckily the ride from there to our home was 20 minutes or less as I am sure he was tired of travelling. I could not ask for anything more from him, he is everything I hoped he'd be. Great mannerisms, affectionate, great with our 3 year old. He met the cat and she was the nasty one (he stays away from her and ignores her).

    My wife works from home and she called me yesterday to say she was cleaning our sons rabbit's cage and forgot to close his door while she was doing it and guess who walked in to see what was happening? She told him to sit, you cannot have the rabbit and he actually obeyed instantly. I would have expected a pile of fur to be left behind LOL.

    The only negative at the moment is we had to switch his food as it is not available around here (we are trying Blue Wilderness Duck atm) and when I heard folks state B's can be a stink butt….well....hopefully we find something that upsets his tummy less SOON.

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