Hello from NJ

Hi everyone, I'm John and I've got a story to tell you.

About a year ago I decided to get a dog. I found a cute red/tan/white dog that was marked as a "JRT/Fox Terrier Mix." She seemed well enough so I went to go visit her, found out she was given a name, Coconut, played with her a bit, took her on a walk and decided to adopt her. About 2 weeks later I came home w/ an adorable dog. I decided to look up her mix, and after looking at a few pictures I decided she was definitely not a JRT/Fox Terrier mix. So that left me with the biggest question: What kind of dog did I get? Vet had no clue.

Back in April this year I began taking Coconut to the dog run so that she could play with other dogs, I felt that she wasn't interacting enough with others. I always noticed she did a lot of cat like things (she's constantly cleaning her self, she sleeps on top of my couch). When we went to the dog park everyone kept asking if she was a Basenji. I said I had no idea, maybe. Low and behold we ran into a pure bred Basenji after a few weeks. They looked remarkably similar. I decided at that point that she must be a JRT/Basenji mix. Coconut looks a lot like a Red/White Basenji. Her tail's almost entirely straight (it's got a bend near the tip) and fairly short (maybe 6-7"). Her face is not a Basenji's though, it's mostly red with a black nose and muzzle. She has a white crop on the back of her head, but most of her underside is white. Her back tip is a the dark brown/reddish color but her sides are a lighter tan.

So I'm here because I need help. I'm not sure that she's a JRT/Basenji mix. I'm going to hopefully post pictures later, maybe some people can help figure out what she is.


Hi JohnA! Welcome to the boards! Definitely post pictures! There are tons of basenji lovers and experts here! Where in NJ are you? I will be starting a job in Mahwah, NJ in a few weeks!

Welcome to the forum…looking forward to seeing your pup, whatever she is! How nice that you gave her a loving home!

Hi JohnA! I'm from NJ too..Bergen County. WELCOME to you and your little Coconut 🙂 Where in NJ are you guys from??

Hi John-definitely post pics!

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