• Hi everyone, I'm John and I've got a story to tell you.

    About a year ago I decided to get a dog. I found a cute red/tan/white dog that was marked as a "JRT/Fox Terrier Mix." She seemed well enough so I went to go visit her, found out she was given a name, Coconut, played with her a bit, took her on a walk and decided to adopt her. About 2 weeks later I came home w/ an adorable dog. I decided to look up her mix, and after looking at a few pictures I decided she was definitely not a JRT/Fox Terrier mix. So that left me with the biggest question: What kind of dog did I get? Vet had no clue.

    Back in April this year I began taking Coconut to the dog run so that she could play with other dogs, I felt that she wasn't interacting enough with others. I always noticed she did a lot of cat like things (she's constantly cleaning her self, she sleeps on top of my couch). When we went to the dog park everyone kept asking if she was a Basenji. I said I had no idea, maybe. Low and behold we ran into a pure bred Basenji after a few weeks. They looked remarkably similar. I decided at that point that she must be a JRT/Basenji mix. Coconut looks a lot like a Red/White Basenji. Her tail's almost entirely straight (it's got a bend near the tip) and fairly short (maybe 6-7"). Her face is not a Basenji's though, it's mostly red with a black nose and muzzle. She has a white crop on the back of her head, but most of her underside is white. Her back tip is a the dark brown/reddish color but her sides are a lighter tan.

    So I'm here because I need help. I'm not sure that she's a JRT/Basenji mix. I'm going to hopefully post pictures later, maybe some people can help figure out what she is.


  • Hi JohnA! Welcome to the boards! Definitely post pictures! There are tons of basenji lovers and experts here! Where in NJ are you? I will be starting a job in Mahwah, NJ in a few weeks!

  • Welcome to the forum…looking forward to seeing your pup, whatever she is! How nice that you gave her a loving home!

  • Hi JohnA! I'm from NJ too..Bergen County. WELCOME to you and your little Coconut 🙂 Where in NJ are you guys from??

  • Hi John-definitely post pics!

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