• My baby Basenji (4months now) has a very straight tail! She normally carries it up with a curl, but not a tight one, and when she's cold she carries it straight down…is this normal or do some Basenji 's never get a tightly curled tail and a looser curl?

    She is the greatest thing in my life so it doesn't matter to me either way. I'm just curious!

  • Some Basenjis definitely have looser tails than others. I also find that as they age the tail may become less tight. And of course a relaxed Basenji will uncurl the tail.

  • Where did you get your puppy from? Where you able to see both the Sire and Bitch before you chose your puppy? What kind of curl did their tails have?

    I would think this would be a question you would ask your breeder. They should certainly be able to answer it for you based on their history.

  • Saw both and they had tightly curled tails like breed standard…however I love her straighter tail as she looks super cute when she wags it, along with her flat back ears she does an awesome dobby the house elf impression! 🙂

  • @eeeefarm:

    And of course a relaxed Basenji will uncurl the tail.

    As does a stressed Basenji.

  • Sophie has a single curl. Some have more curl than others.

  • My Franie had a straight tail with a very loose loop curl until she was done teething… we would tease that if she didn't wag it as much it would curl... What are her sire and dam's (and littermates) tail like?

  • I was also told the same thing that Pat said about Franie - their tails will be a little looser while they are teething. With Kai, it is much looser than it was. Willow still has a little donut sitting up there. Their poor mouths look really painful at the moment (they are almost 17 weeks). My tail would be straight if I were them.

  • I can tell Greta's mood by her tail curl. Tight tail=loving life! Tail down=rain/ tired/ nervous/ relaxed. And she wags a loose tail to all her buddies at first greeting.

  • Well she's 5months now and her tail is normally carried high with a curl at the end, but maybe it'll curl more as she gets older. she wags her tail alot too…maybe she keeps wagging the curl out!

  • LOL at the Dobbie. Cara is a rescue, horrific breeding for sure from a hoarder/puppymill. The ears are gigantic and I thought they would NEVER be erect, but they are. When she is stressed, she still drops her ears and does the dobbie look.

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