Train basenji pup not to go on couch?

  • i was just wondering if it is possible to train a new basenji puppy to not jump onto the couch… the bed doesn't matter so much, but we have leather couches so they are a No go zone!! i dont have a puppy yet, but i need some tips before i get one.
    has anyone successfully... or half successfully trained a basenji not to go on the furniture? any training tips?

  • We cover the couch with fleeces and stuff - being on the couch seems to be one of a basenji's life purposes.
    We have trained ours not to jump on the table and lie in the sun there - they know and understand, but that doesn't mean they will not try it…

  • I have leather couches and chairs, believe me they are safer then cloth funiture. My couch and chairs are over 12 years old, through 4 litters of pups and a total off and on of 7 Basenjis. They have never bothered the leather furniture, can't say as much for cloth fabric! Of course you need to pay attention to them and like many others cover the seat areas with a throw as they like to nest before laying down.

    And teaching them not to get on certain things, but as kjdonkers says… doesn't mean they will not try

  • We have a friend whose basenjis don't get on the furniture, they have nice dog beds all over. We like to have our dogs on the couch with us.

    Like Pat, we have had no damage to our leather, but cloth furniture got stained and torn. I find that a single, fitted sheet fits my couch seat perfectly, keeps it cleaner. Basenjis tend to want to climb and be in high positions, a couch is perfect! Mine snooze on the top of the seat-backs. And a couch in front of a window is irresistable!

  • Mine are alwAys in our leather furniture. We have a blanket on the seat more for our comfort than theirs

  • I thought that might be the case, with basenjis it woudnt matter how well trained they are when your around, they will still try to get away with it when your not. thanks for tips. good to hear that leather has stood up to the basenji test, so i just have to stop them from leaving scratches on the leather, seems im going to have to invest in some covers for the couches. although i would crate a very young basenji any way to avoid chewing furniture, and only use the best beds… which might end up being destroyed anyway.
    Another question, has any one used bitterants or sprays to deter chewing on certain objects? and have you found that successful?
    thanks again

  • Nope to the bitterants and sprays…. LOL

  • I put a couple of sheepskins on my leather sofa. (that and a couple of fleece blankets) they seem to like it better.

  • @tanza:

    Nope to the bitterants and sprays…. LOL

    So basenjis will just ignor the bitter taste and chew anyway?
    sheepskins and fleece blankets would be a favourite thing to sleep on for Bs, soft and warm 🙂

  • yes and the polar fleece fabric is cheap enough at your local Joann's.

  • No experience with bitter stuff.
    Even as a pup Lela understood well what to chew and what not. We were around almost always and could redirect her attention most times to a toy or a treat.
    They both know what is expected and usually follow instructions - one important key: plenty of exercise in the morning - I take them for an off leash walk 1 hour minimum. Otherwise especially Lela becomes unruly…
    Have fun!

  • We're lucky. Kipawa chews his toys and nothing else. Ooops… forgot about the odd soft blanket under our comforter on the bed. It looks a little like swiss cheese - with holes! But that seems to be it.

    As for furniture, ours is leather. But it was purchased before we got Kipawa. I picked the most buttery leather I could find. It hasn't held up to scratching, but I am not surprised. To avoid further damage, we keep Kipawa's nails trimmed short using a dremel, to give them a nice rounded edge. If we repurchase, I would go with leather again, but a much tougher hide and a different colour.

    Kipawa is pretty well allowed anywhere in the house, just not on tables or of course the kitchen counter. If we let him up there he would think he had died and gone to heaven! Because that is where all the yummy stuff seems to be living. 🙂

    We have used the Bitter Apple spray with success. Also, if you don't mind the smell and if whatever item in your house can not be ruined with it, a tiny bit (with a Q-Tip) of real Tea Tree Oil really makes a basenji turn up their nose. We use Tea Tree Oil on Kipawa if he has an owie that he over licks. It works great.

  • I have a leather couch too (for almost 10 years) and it has held up better than any of the fabric-based furniture. A few scratches here and there but that just gives it character. 😃 It's much easier to clean too. You never know where a dog is going to pee or vomit suddenly. :rolleyes:

    If you want to keep you pup off the couch while you are there, you can also teach "go to place" which could be a mat, dog bed, or crate, preferably in the same room as you.
    I use the bitter stuff only for electrical cords and the like, but only very rarely. Each dog is an individual so it works for some and not others. Otherwise, I mostly just pay attention to what the pup is doing and redirect if needed.

  • First Basenji's

    I do think that by supplying attractive and inviting doggie couches and beds, they will make those selections more often. Even one placed near the couch at an elevation that allows them to be at your couch level might be a good idea. Sunnie in NM~

  • Basenjis are often quite fond of bitter substances and the ones they really don't like would be very messy and not to be recommended for furniture!. I have found one product that works for mine but I don't know if its available in the USA. It's called 'Pet Behave Training Spray'. The company is

    The real answer I find, is to be extra vigilant and when they start to chew offer them something better to chew on.

  • @CollStar:

    So basenjis will just ignor the bitter taste and chew anyway?
    sheepskins and fleece blankets would be a favourite thing to sleep on for Bs, soft and warm 🙂

    Yes and no. Tea tree oil at this time seems to deter both our older basenji as well as our new puppy from chewing on things we do not want them too. You can buy it at wal-greens and many other stores. You can rub it on things with a Q-Tip or cotton ball. If you need to suspend it in a spray bottle add some alcohol (not the drinking kind) shake it up and spray away.

    Bitter apple does not work for us and reapplication from time to time with the Tea Tree oil might be necessary. As another suggested, its important to give them something as a replacement that is ok for them to chew on when you are correcting them. A nylabone or another chew toy.

    As far as training a Basenji to stay off furniture and things, that can be a never ending battle. It can be a test of wills. We have trained ours to know they are not allowed on our bed. They have their bed and their crates, but our bed is ours. We have a big squirt gun shaped like a fist with the index finger extended where the water comes out. So when we squirt we give the Basenji's a loud no. So far this has worked well for us for training purposes and does not hurt the dogs. We have already trained our puppy not to run under our bed. So far so good. We also realize this is a continuous process, but if you are consistent the point will get across.

  • My dogs do not like the Bitter Apple spray, I have been quite successful with it. I also use Vics VapoRub to keep them out of the garbage. It works well too.

  • If you consistently do not allow your pup on the couch, it shouldn't be a problem when you are present. Of course a Basenji will likely ignore your wishes when you are not there to enforce them. I have no experience with the various sprays, but a "scat mat" will usually keep cats…..and counters, tables, furniture, whatever. Or out of rooms you don't want them in, provided it is placed in such a way that they cannot easily jump it. And it has an interesting effect on husbands who walk around barefoot and forget it is there. 🙂 I used one for awhile to keep Perry out of a specific room. I loaned it to a friend who didn't bring it back, but by that time I didn't have to worry about it as my guy is excellent in the house and not destructive, and yes, he is allowed on furniture......and does not dig holes in it!

  • First Basenji's

    Where do you put the vicks?

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