Training basenjis

check out this link for a great demo on clicker training a basenji puppy. Somebody is a lucky owner!!! But this also works on older pups.

I think that is my Aries' great grandson.

We loooove clicker training at our house! Very fun for everyone. The video makes me grin.

Sooo cute.. you can see him thinking… down.. down.. uhmm.. Ooh.. down! 😃
I don't use a clicker, but I'm certainly thinking about it..

btw.. It's a puppy from Sirobe, isn't it?

Yep. Sirobe.

Brad is a really good trainer.

I double checked with Brad, and it is Aries Great-Grandson.


Arlo does "downs" like Zoni (Aries' niece :)) does….with extreme enthusiasm by slamming her paws to the ground. Love it.

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