Loose Leash Training a Basenji

  • Thanks Debra - those are (2) interesting links! (btw, The long haired Rottie is beautiful! . . . I didn't know there was a long hair.) Alot I don't know about breeds, even the one I have. But I'm getting there, slowly, with my Basenji. I've printed out the loose leash article, well written and easy to understand. Will try the technique in combination with extra special treats and being Top Dog and never forgetting patience. The more I know, hopefully the smoother the training. Before I asked, I thought it would be hopeless with Duke. We're going to practice right after this.

    Have a fantastic Sunday!

  • You are welcome. So much of the basenji re: training I have to admit I just give up. loose leash may be the only thing I can be proud of 🙂 Okay they do tricks.

  • Hey everyone - just keeping you updated on our "walking" practice. I can only walk with Duke when he's got his Gentle Leader head collar on. Otherwise as you know it's impossible, because I don't have intact muscle on my arms anymore! <gg>Duke is responding beautifully since we started practicing last week. We started walking so very slowly, because I wanted my son to observe me using techniques I've learned here. I put extra-extra special treats (corned beef pieces) in my new treat bag that clips onto my pocket. Boy did he ever pay attention to me! We stopped alot for him to come "back" to me (treat) each time. When we proceed, I make him walk on my right side. He often crosses over to walk in front of me (makes it easy to step on his toes), so we stop (treat) and so on. My son takes the reins on our return. He's learning just as nicely as Duke - We're all walking much better. Duke is getting the idea of how to walk with me. YEAH! We're not quite ready for a good long walk yet . . . can't wait.

    However, getting that head collar on Duke is like putting it on a piranha! I know he wants to go for a "walk" but when he sees the head collar, he's under and behind every piece if furniture I own. I coax him to me with a tasty treat. He sheepishly comes to me and burrow's his nose under my knees for the treat and then I have to pull him up and over with what's left of my arm muscles! Whew - - - AND THEN - - - pry the loop over his nose all while trying to close his jaws! It usually doesn't go well, ever. He's not willing . . . no way does he like me to put it on. But he likes the walking (or the treats or both).

    Does anyone have a trick for the head collar application?</gg>

  • I use the Black Dog Head Harness… mainly because it doesn't slip upwards on the nose, and into the eyes. The way it's designed, it stays PUT (and even VERY loose) over the nose. When I introduced it, I used it in conjunction with very high value treats (as you're doing). My dog only got the reward after he was in a sit-wait and the harness was clipped on though. Instead of using the reward treats as bait (to get your dog out from hiding), try to teach the dog to do a sit-wait, maintain the wait, clip the harness on, then release, reward, and go for your walk (the walk is also a reward).

    it's much like teaching your dog to sit still for other things such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, hooking the leash up to the regular neck collar, etc... I use the sit & wait while I do those, and I do the same when putting on the head harness.

  • @Crazy_Duke:

    Hey everyone - just keeping you updated on our "walking" practice.

    Thanks for sharing, I like to hear how it's going, keep up the good work!

  • We're practicing the "leave it" command in Obedience training. He does very well with it. Seems almost the same as "sit-wait". I'll try it. And thanks - I'll look for the Black Dog Head Harness. I'm happy if Duke's happy . . .

  • I'm not sure if the black dog harness is available in the states yet. My trainer ordered a few because he felt they are one of the best (I got mine from him), but he got them from Australia. You can find them online, but I don't think they've hit retail stores yet.

  • What's the name of this product?

  • I have the Black Dog Training Halter.

    Here's a link:

  • Wow. I didn't realize it was so difficult to get Bs to walk nicely. I guess we had a lot of the "dirty work" done for us by the breeder. Joey, we got him at 10 months, walks superbly on his leash. I do need to remind him sometimes, but he gets back in line right away. The breeder tells me to be sure they know who is boss with every issue. I do see a difference with each of my kids that take Joey out and Joey knows who he can be tougher with and who he really has to listen to.

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