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sound of another dog

I found that 'doodle' was confused by other dogs barking. She just looks at them and tilts her head.

I take 'doodle' to the local dog park to interact with the other dogs. One particular day, a Beagle who was willing to give chase was there. In typical Beagle fashion, the dog was chasing 'doodle' and had a throaty, raspy bark. So, here they are running, and the Beagle is making all this noise... 'doodle' stopped, turned around and looked at the Beagle, "dude, you okay? Do you want to get some water?" LMAO, I think she really was concerned that the Beagle needed a Vet!

@slents Mine have never objected to the sight of other dogs - but puppies often find barking 'strange'. It is not something they are accustomed to and often have never heard the sound until they leave the nest and venture out into the wider world.

Mku is getting better. I talk to reassure him when he gets barked at by dogs we meet out on walks. At need I pick him up, but mostly I just stroke him and tell him its OK. He is not fazed by the sight of large dogs - and they must seem huge to such a tiny little guy (4 kilos). He chased a very friendly Pointer yesterday. He meets 'Ted' most trips to the woods.

He will learn to accept it, just as generations of his ilk have done before him. He'll just think 'strange creatures ! and pass on by.

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We have a 50 ft leash we use when walking at our camp - enables the B some freedom. I wish I could let my B run off leash but I have bad memories of the one time my B got loose. Our neighbor has a large fenced yard and she lets us run our B off leash on her property and it is a wonderful site to see her run sail through the air.

@zande It is really funny to watch him be so curios about everything as we walk. He does not like loud noises at all. When ever a plane goes over head he totally freaks out and I just look at him and tell him it's ok. They are so intelligent I feel like I need a PhD in Besenjiology.

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ok, I give! How should we enunciate "mku"? mmmm-cue? em-koo? emck-you? Please help me with this! How do you "say" your dog's name? 😉

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How should we enunciate "mku"? mmmm-cue? em-koo? emck-you?

Mku ! (the M is almost silent, just a closing of the lips).

Throughout ???? litters, my dogs have always had a Swahili word describing the character, behaviour or attributes of a Basenji as their registered name.

I was allowed to pick a name for my wee boy and went back to the old system. His call name is part of his registered name because it kind of suits him and he is happy with it. Normally dogs tell me what they'd like to be called.

Hoover is obvious. Its what she does !!!

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@zande Funny stuff. We nicknamed Zaki - Hoover because of the way he eats.

@zande - Nicely bred young boy! Congrats! He is related to my C-Me (GCH DC Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri, SC, MC) through Klassic's Yuara Hoot!

I guess, tanza, you looked him up - did a search in the database on the part of the name you know !

That database has its uses - just wish more people who bought puppies this past few months would let me know their registered names and parents so they could be included !

Along with photos !

@zande - Agree Zande.... I did do a search... I use your site almost every day!

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