Crate Training 8 week old Basenji

  • Hello from Tokyo! I just got my basenji yesterday after researching the breed for over six months. Ive had dogs all my life but they were family dogs, so I never had full responsibility of the training, and I never crate trained a puppy before. Also, it is hard to know ehst to do when there is so much contradictory advice everywhere. Im really hoping to get some advice about my puppy.

    I'm trying to crate train him ASAP. The first night I put him in the crate he wouldn't stop howling REALLY LOUD. I was worried because my landlord lives downstairs, so I put his crate by my bed and soothed him with my voice. It helped him quiet down but I don't think it helped quicken his crate training.

    Today I played with him a lot, and he slept in my arms after. Was that a bad idea? Should he only ever sleep in the crate?

    Also, today I tried putting him in the crate and leaving him by himself. Of course he would cry, but I was told that after he stops I can come back a praise him. The problem is that he soils the crate and then whines even harder… So I naturally come and clean the crate, but that also means that I am reinforcing his crying behavior by coming to him while he is not quiet, right? So... Should I just leave him in his crate until he stops whining regardless of him soiling his bed?

    Thank you so much

    P.S. I'll post pictures soon. Nothing like Cherry blossoms in Tokyo as a backdrop for a Basenji 🙂

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