Hunting with Basenji

Basenjis are THE ORIGINAL HUNTERS and nearly every “hunting” breed exists because of them. I think the other hunters are just jealous that you don’t need a gun. Lol

I contacted him. I saw he's got the blue lives matter flag flying though. Makes me think he probably won't like me very much. I live in portland maine, which is a pretty progressive area, and even so, as a young man I had very different experiences as with police from my nerdy white counterparts who routinely got let off the hook for their propane powered potato guns while I could barely get out of my driveway with out seeing blue lights even though I never touched a firearm or potato gun. Its funny how people can't get their head around why someone like me, a non-land-owning, non-white non-neurotypical person who just can't get a job really doesn't have any choice but to be a radical socialist. And its all over my Facebook wall, as that's just how socialists get things done. I wish we could all just understand that there is no such thing as lazy. Its one of many mechanisms that insecure people use to convince themselves that they are superior to other people. just another form of bullying if you ask me. Anyway, maybe someone else who isn't adamantly pro-antifa could contact him on my behalf? I know its a big ask, but I have to ask, for rogue's sake.

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@roguecoyote said in Hunting with Basenji:

I contacted him. I saw he's got the blue lives matter flag flying though. Makes me think he probably won't like me very much. ...

You are interested in something he is also interested in. Which gives you common ground. Start there. You want to find out about hunting with your Basenji... she's very young and you are contacting him to get advice on how to start training her. You found out about him on the Basenji Forums and think he is the best hunting mentor you could possibly find. All of that is true. And nothing about that has anything to do with how other people have treated you in the past. Be respectful to him and he will be respectful to you. Leave politics out of the conversation.

You can do this!

@roguecoyote - Jeff used to live in California before his divorce and move to the East Coast... and yes he is pretty set in his ways, I have met him many times and do know him... I am sure that he remembers me... now for sure we don't have the same outlook for politics... but as elbrant said, if you just approach him just about having a Basenji and interested in hunting, maybe you can get by your differences? If not, well sorry that he didn't want to help you out... but in the end, keep the politics out of it

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Wow. he replied and he's willing to help me out! I hope I don't blow it. Wish me luck!

@roguecoyote - great news! just keep politics out of it... Jeff has been hunting for years with his Basenjis so I am not surprised that he is willing to help you....


Good-bye, My Lady, 1956, $2.99 Amazon Prime. Fun and sad and difficult to watch certain scenes (harsh "training" at times by the boy). But overall interesting watch.

Keep us posted on your hunting training. I'm with you politically, but I'm glad you followed the advice and contacted Jeff. (I do the same with my mountain biking buddies -- many are to the right -- and it's paid off tremendously. Made good friends and that I found really supersedes the politics, even as important as politics are to me.)

I've also wanted to know about what king of training hunting entails, so would love to hear what you discover. Thanks in advance!

-- Elson

@beth314 I just watched this movie today. Its a decent movie, but the training that they do is pretty barbaric. LOL

i bet that when rogues adult teeth come in she will be able to do the egg test though. she has a very soft touch when she wants to.

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