• The past 45 days have been really challenging and Cali has been there right by my side. I have to say my emotions have gone from love,hate,love,dislike,love,annoyed,love,agitated,love toward Cali. The reasons for this is that I have been on medical disability, had a death in the family (cousin very close like older sister, died suddenly after outpatient surgery) and mother hospitalized all in the past 45 days. Cali has been really good:rolleyes: the past few days in my time of distress, but it all ended this morning. I have missed a lot of work due to everything that has been going on and was finally returning this morning. Well my car wouldnt start and then Cali took off into the woods:mad: I took her to go pee and poop and when I was bending over to pick up her poop with the scooper, a bird caught her attention and she broke loose from the leash and chased the bird into the woods!!! Let me say that I am highly allergic to trees, grass, bushes etc. and have chronic asthma and have been this way since a child, but I keep things well under control with meds(ran out of allergy meds 5 days ago. Shame on me). I also carry an epi-pen with me everywhere because I have had serious emergencies arise from an allergic reactions periodically over the past 30 years. My doctor told me I should move to Alaska because I am allergic to everthing that a person could possibly be allergic to in Kentucky.
    Anyway I yelled Cali's name 2 times and of course she did not come, my neighbor ran after her, but she finally came back on her on with a piece of a bush in her mouth. She immediately started itching and I gave her a Benadryl and wiped her down with a warm cloth she was okay. By this time I could have strangled her, but I did not have time to lose my temper because I started to break out in hives all over my body and my face blew up like a blowfish. I used my epi-pen and took some Benadryl and my neighbor took me to the hospital. I did not panic because this has happened to me before. I was back at home within an 1 1/2 hours and Cali was resting peacefully. As I am typing this she is asleep on her back with her 4 paws straight up in the air.:) In retrospect I realize that since I have had her there has been one adventure after another. She keeps me laughing, smiling, screaming and cursing, but I would not trade her for the world. Oh, by the way, my neighbor adores Cali and he got a tick on him when he went into the woods after her this morning:( He laughed it off and was happy that I was okay). She was extremely happy to see me when I got home and I must say that I was happy to see her too. She got a really good bath when I got home and I washed everything in hot water. I am sure I had an allergic reaction from something she came in contact with in the woods. Took her to the vet today and she is okay. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share story because I am sure you all can relate to the range of emotions from owning this cat/dog:)

  • Aw…all's well that ends well, I guess. Hope things look up for you soon....

  • ((((((Hugs))))))) to you on what seems to be a crappy two months. I know the feeling as I am sure that we all do. I think having the dogs really makes the rough times more bearable even if sometimes they add to the aggrevation. I think their addition to stress makes you take the other stuff less seriously and I am positive I am learning patience because of these dogs, especially the Basenji who I am convinced is pushing me over the edge. LOL!

    I hope things will get better for you, the only way to go is up, keep thinking positive thoughts.

  • It was a Keep Mom From Going Back To Work caper that went horribly wrong!! I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin's death and your mother's illness.

  • TLBUDDY sounds like you need lots of (((HUGGS)))) and lots of Cali to keep your mood up. I gues in her own way Cali didn't think you should go back to work. Sounds like she's a typical B with a roller coaster of good & bad behavior. Nonetheless you know our lives are that much happier because of them….even the bad stuff 😃

    Sweet dreams Cali 🙂

  • Wow what a string of reactions. Sorry for your bad day and I'm happy Cali got back safe. As a suggestion, as time permits, you should start working with Cali on recall. You need to find a word (treat treat is our word) and when she hears that word, she comes running back for FOOD. Find her favorite treat, ie., cheese, liverwurst, whatever she loves and use that as a motivator to get her to respond to her name.

  • omg! What a horrible chain of events. If anything can go wrong . . . It did! I do hope you'll be feeling better soon. Stay positive and pray that the remainder of spring will be much brighter.

  • I'm so happy she finally came back to you. I know how it is when nothing seems to work to bring them back. Treats are not the be all and end all to a lot of B's. Sugar would also run into oblivion-treats or no treats! Glad you guys didn't pick up anything too bad.

  • I was able to go back to work today and Cali did not run off into the woods. 🙂 It was chilly this morning so we were in and out in no time. I will definitely work with her on coming back to me when her name is called, but she can be pretty determined when she wants to chase after a bird, leaf, wind etc..:) Fortunately she was not anywhere near the street. This is not the first time she broke away from her leash and took off running, but she usually comes back if I don't chase after her. I remember reading a post on this site about stronger leash clamps and will be going to purchase one tomorrow. I will say that she keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing all the time:D

  • Working on her recall is a great idea!

    One tip, though, that I've used with Magnum whose recall is mostly reliable, unless he sees horses! It'll probably only work if you're within your buddy's sight and hearing:

    Drop dramatically to the ground, screaming your B's name, making noises like you're about to die. Crying loudly helps, too.

    I know, if it happens in public, it's gonna be embarrassing, but, hey, it'll be worth it to have your baby come back to check out what the heck your problem is.

    This method has worked for me 3 out of 3 times in the past two years. Caution: Don't depend on it to be a failsafe. If you use it too many times, I'm sure your smart B will catch on!

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! I can just see this happening with mine and them standing looking down at me as if to say,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU IDIOT!"

  • I am sorry to hear about your cousin and am glad to know u and your B are fine. I must admit I share all those emotions as well, cursing, loving, stressed, loving, etc. But you know once I look into those BIG BROWN EYES, I completley melt..they are definetly a wonderful breed.

  • @nomrbddgs:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I can just see this happening with mine and them standing looking down at me as if to say,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU IDIOT!"

    And that is EXACTLY what happened! Magnum came rushing back, kinda Mighty-Mouse style, "HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!" I grabbed him as soon as he was close enough, dropped the act, and his expression said, "You're such a moron, Mom!" 😃 Fine by me…I had 'im!

  • LOL:D I like the drop to the ground technique to get her to come back! I will have to try it if/when it happens again:) I started crying really hard a couple of weeks ago and she raced over to me frantically, jumped in my lap and started licking me all over my face. I immediately went from crying to laughing!! The drop down on the ground method might work 1 or 2 times, but they are very smart and catch on to our tricks quickly. She looks at me crazy if I try to make her fetch a ball more than 2 times in a row.:)

  • So sorry to hear about your cousin, and Mother being in the hospital, hope she is feeling fine soon. I can relate to you and your baby, I too have days I would like to put Sahara in her crate for a couple of days and not let her out. She broke a ceramic Easter basket today that I had in my bathroom with shells in it, she was trying to get a shell. She has never tried to mess with it before, and it has been there since I got her, what got into her today I don't know. I was mad b/c I made it in ceramic class while stationed in Puerto Rico, and I have had it for 10yrs. Sahara has broke, chewed, nawed so much of my stuff, it seems I can't have anything out. Will she ever grow out of this, when I say "Leave It"sometimes it works, sometimes more than not it doesn't. But I love her so much, she is my snugglebunny, she loves to cuddle, and all she has to do is look at me and I smile, she has brought so many laughs into my life and kept me company while my hubby works night shift. I wouldn't sell her for a million bucks, and That's The Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • OMG!!! What a HORRIBLE two months you have had. Well life goes on doesn't it and Cali proved that when she ran after the bird. Hope things get better…hugs and prayers........

  • **TLBUDDY, you really have had some challenges lately, just think how much worse they'd be if you didn't have Cali. 😞

    I think you said it all in the first line of your first post "Cali has been there right by my side". 🙂

    Thank goodness for all our Cali's! 😃

    I can't imagine a life without them!! ;)**

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