Rescue transport lost, Toledo OH

Toledo, OH - LOST RESCUE DOG - A small basenji tan & white around 5-6 months was brought from Jackson county on transport, got loose has rescue's name & phone number on coated tag. Was in parking lot of Comedy Club off Heathedowns by Putt Putt. Please call if you find his or SEE him, he is suppose to be outgoing but maybe scared too. You can call Shelly 614-578-1250 or Jody at 419-276-3569.

Oh no! Please let us know if he is found….

I was told earlier this week that he was found and the person that found him wants to adopt him.


Oh wow, Jennifer. Please post if you can confirm that. Nightmare turned to forever home is the best possible outcome.

I will try to get more details!


Oh, I hope this is true! Happy endings are the best.

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