• Here is the baby boy that we are getting! We are waiting to see which one of his sisters (Willow will be her name) will be joining him.

    My daughters have been sleeping with dog toys in their beds that we will send up to the breeder soon - we will be going up to Minneapolis to fetch them (just my husband and I - two 6-year-old girls and 2 basenji puppies might do us in on a flight) on March 9th when they are almost 12 weeks old. I will send pictures of Willow when she has been chosen.

    I'm so excited! It's a little overwhelming, though. At least when you bring babies (human) home, you don't have to worry about them getting into trouble while you get your head around the situation. One question - how did all of you choose your veterinarian? Did you get to talk to the doc before bringing your dogs home? Did you make an appointment to do that? I've got a list of things that I have been gleaning from the forum that I want to discuss and make sure that we have the right vet before I am standing there with 2 little girls and 2 little dogs.

  • Congrats. I'm guessing you're getting them from Nancy Craigie? I think her pups are about that age.


  • Oh, and there are several people on the forum from TX so they may be able to direct you to a vet.

  • Clay-

    Yes, we are getting them from Nancy! I have found her to be delightful - I feel like we are old friends. Can't wait to meet her and the Flutesong pack. Do you know her?

  • Yes, I know Nancy. She is in our local basenji club and I see her at dog shows from time to time.

  • Cute x 100!

  • welcome to the forum, Kai looks so very cute.
    You will certainly have your work cut out with two puppies

  • Very cute. Congratulations

  • I am so excited for you. Double trouble all at once though! I think this is a good thing because they will grow up together and play with each other with no problems. We had our female first and then 4 years later brought home a male. She was not very happy. I thought they would be happy and be play buddies but this didn't really happen as best as I thought it would. They still play but she gets grumbly with him. I am hoping that them being littermates will solve that problem and you will have two little bundles of joy doing the B500 in your house!

  • OMG, TWO puppies, what fun…

    And it is good to make an appointment and visit with a vet, get a feel for his/her attitude. if not already basenji-knowledgeable, they will need to be willing to learn. If they tell you that a basenji is like any other dog or 'bow up' at the idea of working "with you", shop around.

  • Thanks for the warm words, everyone. I think it will be fun, but am not delusional about it being easy.

    I have been reading several training books. I love Sophia Yin's approach - I think I will base my training mostly on her, but add the clicker. She advocates having your puppy in sight constantly the first month, often using a hands-free leash worn on the waist. Since my husband and I both work from home, I think it will be great to split the puppies up for large chunks of time while we are working. I told my husband that he'd be wearing a "basenji belt" the first month. Most of his meetings are on Skype, so nobody sees what is going on below his shoulders… Wonder how a random baroo will be perceived?

  • We're doing the same Sophia Yin "basenji belt" program, lol. We'll have to compare notes afterwards to see how it worked.

  • very cute pup 🙂

    Kai is also a Hawaiian name 🙂

  • Aaw.. what a cutie! You'll be so busy with two pups.. It sure wouldn't be my choice 😃 But I bet you'll have sooo much fun! Post lots of pics!

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