Mambo the Basenji Shiba mix

Good looking dogs there! Thank you for all of the pics.

outside in the front yard off leash - wow!

Looks like you have an agility dog in the making! good looking pup

Cool photos. Thanks for sharing.

First Basenji's

Gorgeous and SO athletic! He seems to be much less phased by the snow than a 'normal' Basenji. 🙂

Great pictures! God bless you for getting that particular mix - they are both beautiful breeds and both very sure that their way is the only way! He's adorable - how old?

Thanks for the comments. He is 4 and a half and loves the snow!

My Shiba loved the snow too…she could play outside all day when it was cold. But my B's are totally opposite.

It looks like he is having a blast!

GREAT series of photos, especially the jumping ones! He's a great looking… bashiba? Shisenji? 🙂

Lovely pictures. He's very agile.

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