• Voodoo running around with a bell around his neck. 😃

    Seen a lot of fresh bear tracks the last few days, so better to be safe and let him run around with a bear-bell. And he doesn't seem to mind it a bit.
    Also easier to know where he is if he get's of the path a bit. Think I gonna use the bell more often.


  • I love it!! It's like Basenji jingle bells.

  • Great video. Always a joy to see a Basenji out in the open running around as they so much enjoy.

  • Great video of Voodoo and his buddy having fun! The weather here on the west coast US is is just the opposite, warm and dry during the day. People hiking around in short sleeve T shirts. I had Buddy off leash over the weekend and I had to have a bottle of cold water for him.

  • Lovely video. Wow, I'm glad we don't have bears.

  • Wow, I'm so impressed by the video. They are having a great time. I love how you can have him off leash and he doesn't run away. Does he come when called? I've always been warned to never let a Basenji off leash.

  • Yeah, I can call him back from everything exept foxes and artic hares. Foxes we don't see that often, and the hares are rarely active during the day, so letting him run off-leash isn't a problem.

  • That's great that you can let him run off-leash. I could only do that at the dog park, and even then, I couldn't catch Spencer if he decided to play "keep away" or "dart and run," which was pretty much every time we went. 🙂

    BTW, Voodoo looks very handsome in his stylish winter coat!

  • Great video! LOVE the bell.

  • I think the straps circling the bum would bother my crew more than the bell! How is it his feet do not get frostbite?

  • He is SO cute in his jacket with his bear bells. To me, it is amazing you can let him run off leash and he will come back - that would be a dream for my girls to do that.

  • Dolce runs off leash at the dog park. If I say let's go home and head toward the gate, she follows immediately. No second calling. When we are out for a leashed walked and she sees a bunny, squirrel or chipmunk, she'd be gone if it weren't for the leash. I love seeing the pics of your B running free. It just seems so natural and full of joy.

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